Worship Chaos – End of Times (2020)

Worship Chaos
Release date: May 6, 2020
Label: Independent

Here is a death thrash band I stumbled across and to get things out of the way, first I did some research on them and I see it consist of two members and they released a promo before this demo and to be honest that promo wasn’t that special as things sound much better here and they use a drum machine which really doesn’t matter to me cause it sounds very promising.

Things start off with Intro which is a instrumental which is short and sweet and you won’t get any high tech production here but raw as hell and I mean that in a good way as its listenable, Sacrificio is where we get to hear what this band is delivering as the vocals are very good especially if you like the old school sound, the ripping on the guitar sounds insane on here as well, so a solid track and chaos continues on Hellish Vengeance as this tremendous roar starts this and then as the title says you can hear in the lyrics “I wanna break your skull” and yeah this rips full out to kill vibe with a killer lead that just tears you apart, the highlight to me at this point.

Infected Cells, hell this one is different and really good as the speed is there and all that good shit, the break added more flavor to it but its so catchy that it ended to quick as the last riff just stopped out of nowhere, so the last track Violence of War is a bit more on the mid tempo at the beginning but burst out into full madness as it goes along then a killer break that a killer lead comes in but unfortunately its drowned out by the rhythm guitar but you can still hear it, its a demo so fuck it still kills to finish this off in a high note.

So I’m very impressed by this effort this band has great potential, so if the band reads this don’t give up you can do it! They don’t have no Facebook page but a YouTube channel you can hear the older shit plus this demo and more info about the band in the description part but I put it below as this copy sounds better than the video.

Official YouTube

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