War Därmen – War, Curse and Damnation (2016)

War Därmen
Release date:May 8, 2016

This is a brand new death/thrash band from Santiago and this is their first four track demo.

War Artificer,opens this up and has this cool sounding intro of war and the guitar comes in at a slow pace but then you hear this distorted guitar as the whole band takes off,and I must say you can hear the vocals quite well on here and when they really get to the fast part,this track really got good as you hear this killer lead as well as the rhythm section as well,so it left me wanting to hear what was next,Outer Curse/ Quasar Frequencies,and here it really got interesting for me,this track takes off right from the beginning and for some reason the vocals sound even more evil on here,and yeah there is some good ripping as well and you can hear the bass cracking clearly but then the song fades away for a bit, then you hear the guitar and especially the bass making this an atmospheric sounding part that I really enjoyed which then leads us back to the main riff and the song continues to it’s end,after that bass solo comes in which leads us into Wolf of Damnation which comes out driving right at you and is really catchy as it has a great riff throughout as a break comes in the pace slows for a bit but it gets heavier towards the end again.Nevermore,closes this out with a nice melodic intro it breaks into this killer riffage that for a minute you got a taste of old Necrosis and the inner part where the guitar solo is just amazing headbanging material,a very good closer to this demo.

I will say these guys are young and they have what it takes to go onto better things,the production could’ve been better but it’s their first demo so I don’t care as it has that raw vibe to it.

You can download the demo here.


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