War Därmen – Colonization (2022)

War Därmen
Release date: ?
Label: Noiselord Prod.

As in the time of writing this, the album hasn’t been released yet but if you look it’s on Spotify and Youtube so that’s how I obtained this, and those who follow this site know I did a review on them when they started and that was awhile ago.

And what I see it consist of eight tracks, but lets get into it.

Sector Alpha and this is heavy as fuck strong pounding in the beginning then a fury of crushing comes in, a whole new side of the band shows here, an even the tempo change near the end doesn’t take away anything as some killer leads come in, a brilliant opener.

And the bashing continues on Dyson Sphere as this as heavy as the opener, the drums have this powerful feel to it that ride with some killer leads, this destroys believe me, Wolf of Damnation is another ripper with some tempo changes but still has some great speed parts that will have you glued to this.

Colonization, the title track is s furious piece and will crush the weak, we get high and low vocals trading back and forth as the band is pounding like hell behind it all and these tempo changes they fill in are always good as these tracks have sometime in them but all is good as they fill with pure might and this is a good example.

Forgotten in Time is the first track with a different vibe at the start but it gets faster after a while, some serious pounding comes in before it comes down again, yeah a bit different from what has been heard but its all good as Sector Beta comes in and here the difference is the vocal style as it is more clearer as more in the thrash vein, the track is bent on a thrash vibe as well, Anti Entropic Morality is about the same for a few before those low vocals come back to action, but a lot going on here as the second half of it is head splitting fast that will please all the speed freaks out there.

To the closer Vy Canis Majoris and this is a long one 10 min + so its got a lot, with a heavy crunchy beat at the start but then we get the fast aggressive side as this comes at you full force as it did in the beginning of the album, but a tempo change comes in with some strong feeling to it as this lead comes in for awhile but then the whole band comes back for a grand finale to end this.

This is a great release and hopefully it comes out soon and with lyrics and the band has matured great in the time I first heard them, this release should expand their fanbase.


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