Violent Scum – Ornaments of Bloodshed (2020)

Violent Scum
Release date: February 28th, 2020
Label: Melipulli

The long awaited full release from these death metal maniacs, if you don’t know who this band is by now I don’t know where you been, as for me I been listening to their shit for some time now and my copy of this is still in Chile due to that corona fucking shit but a copy has been released so I had to hear it but wish I had my copy cause I support bands as much as I can but fuck it lets get into this.

So it opens with Violent Scum something I posted awhile back and here it sounds as good as ever, the vocals of Miguel Gonzales are sick as always and are one of the driving forces of the band, but if you like leads this band delivers them as good as it gets, if you love sick and twisted lyrics this is the band for you as well.

Pernicious Messiah, here we keep going with more sickness this shit really is out to kill your ass! as it has this great tempo to it in the beginning before it goes off to crush your fucking skull the pounding is what its all about and this track delivers, lots of speedy parts to fill the void killer shit! and it continues on Burial in the Sky as the riffage here is one of those that grab you instantly, this track has all kinds of heavy shit in it to please any death head out there, the ending is cool as it has a special way of fading out.

This next one Suffocate the Despaired is the longest track on here and has the same punch as the previous but for me it kind of dragged but still it has some great things to offer as the leads on here are something to hear, believe me its not dull but not as good as the previous but don’t worry because Revenge Offerings gets us back into that killer mood a short number that packs a powerful punch, this is out for the kill no doubt. the Ghost Tribe, yes a driver no holding back here, this one of the best tracks on here with a total hammer down to crush the weak, just listen to those drums pounding, fucking brilliant!

Proves things get better as they go as Hate Worship is another outstanding track this has all the elements I like when it comes to death metal, simply a scorcher of a track well executed the way it should be fucking love it, and as the next one The Secret Cult of Darkness has the no holds barred attitude to it its a ripper the nice drum intro to it as we get this heavy riffage and it goes into a more fast paced feel to it as it just has a great drive to it and the vocals are sick as they can get and another one of my tops on here some outstanding death, so it ends with Letanía de iniciación which is the only song sung in the native language and a vengeance filled one as this puts an end to this release and the psychotic sounding bass line at the end was a change that came out of nowhere.

The release was well worth the wait this is Violent Scum doing they’re best as we have come to know so definitely go out there and try to get a copy.

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