Vexatum – Interview (2016)

Some of you are probably not familiar with this band, for the record they play death metal (Beginning) but now have gone into the black/death genre,so I had a few questions to ask Felipe Brintrup Rios (Guitars,Vocals) about what’s going on with the band as they are set to release a pro tape demo.

L to R:Felipe Brintrup Rios (Guitars,Vocals) Adolfo Cayuqueo (Drums) Fernando Rauque (Bass)

ECM-For those who do not know the band can you tell what is the force behind the band and the bands would be considered as a source of inspiration?

Felipe- Well before I answer your questions, thank you for this interview.
The band was created in 2005, created by Felipe Brintrup of Puerto Varas and was looking for a drummer in the field of extreme death metal; in the neighboring town of Puerto Varas this new Braunau, which is the residence at the time of drummer luis Cayuqueo.
I explained the construction of the band and the riffs that I had created and immediately began to create music.
Then we spend time creating one rehearsal cassette recording with two songs (2005) and at the rehearsal we met and we add to the band bassist Fernando rauque resident Braunau. The rehearsal cassette was very underground distributed only those who really liked the style, soon time passed and no more was delivered as that cycle had passed.

The live performances began in different cities of southern Chile and always with the desire to achieve out of the south and spread the music as much as possible in Chile and hopefully abroad.
And so the band remained until they reached the typical problems of work that usually separates bands, taking into account that in Chile practically you can not live off music. That’ll explain later in the interview …

On the inspiring bands you ask me, they are many and not only death metal, but many styles within the occult, extreme and violent metal, it would be difficult to respond with specific bands as you mentioned earlier.

ECM-What is the story behind the name Vexatum?

Felipe-The band before taking the name Vexatum, had the name “Demolior Clangor” over time I renamed it myself to what really are the lyrics of the band the mystery violence, etc. Vexatum comes from Latin, it’s rather extensive but summarized as: maltreat, humiliate, torture, within the morbid and malicious aspect which determines the band as something unique in one end and within that the inspiration of what is truly inspired by evil given to their riff, tones, lyrics, etc …

ECM-Since the band formed in 2005 discography is very limited, is there any reason for this?

Felipe-Yes there is a very clear reason and I mentioned it in the first question, the primary reason is money, then the lack of jobs and changes in cities, have money to record in a professional studio and have decent material to the public.

Now the band is just going through that issue and 5 years and therefore now launching a pro ep tape, so that the public who knows the band knows we’re working on the final touches of the final production which will take the band back to the stage.

In 2007 we released as a gift 2 demos with two tracks in the south, and they were put online, for those who downloaded them good, but for those who didn’t we won’t be putting anything more, that has had it’s time.

ECM-You’re going release a new demo but I see that was recorded in 2009 why so long to launch it? and being distributed and will be available outside of Chile?

Felipe-Good in 2009 we entered the studio to record what would be our first album of 9 songs lasting 30 minutes, it was not possible because money issues and internal problems of the band, but always on the same subject is money, therefore I spend my time trying to raise the money well and finish the musical production, and failed, but to record 4 songs of study which will be released as ep-pro / tape, the rocksur seal records Montt port.
The reason for the time elapsed was because the band momentarily separated, since I (Felipe Brintrup) go to work and live for 5 years to La Serena for a better job opportunity, and drummer luis Cayuqueo goes further north in the country for the same reason in Antofagasta.

So now ,elapsed time and work decreased in the north of the country, I will return south with the songs finished for the album and with drummer of Unbaptized (Fernando Bachmann) and vocalist guitarist from Maligant Worship (Cristobal Brintrup) who will be the patch as bassist of the band, will record the Vexatum disc within this year, hoping to be released in the same year or in 2017.

No material outside the country has been released and for us it would be great to do with a foreign label, but yes, I would like that for the record we will record this year, as there is a very big evolution between mix of styles, Vexatum is no longer a band only death metal right now, now Vexatum is a death / black metal band, and this evolution will be on the disc.

ECM-I want to know more about this and what the song titles and the topics are?

Felipe-The names of pro tape songs are: Venenum, Lupos. Text of the Suffering, Hominum Et Cruciatu Doloribus.
Topics on the pro ep tape, talk about human agony as a general culture of human beings,finding pain as cures as anguish, enough death metal lyrics.

ECM-I have seen on youtube you’ve done some live shows and saw that you opened for the legendary Pentagram in 2010, if I am right, how did the idea come about and how did it go?

Felipe-Well we played with the great Pentagram, but also with Atomic Aggressor in 2009 and Magnanimus the same year, prior to that only shows underground and shows on private by word of mouth, we had a lot of movement as a band from the south of the country, so now is the time to take the big leap.

Well playing with such great bands and more arduous path, it is an excellent experience since many more things you learn in performance, share big stage is something remarkable.
The idea of the presentation was Australis Records, they took us to the presentation to spur along Pentagram among other bands and more.

ECM-Since you’ve been on the scene for so long what are your views on progress?

Felipe-Well I been on the scene long before Vexatum, earlier I was in Terrorem (death metal) and FURIA (death metal) after that I created Vexatum as the band of all my expectations of life and extreme musical inspiration, it is my great creation .

The evolution of the band as I mentioned in previous answers, is that the band is no longer just death metal but has always been inspired by the occult, black metal in satanic cosmic themes and Luciferian. The mixing death metal with black metal and dark religious mystery that is something spectacular and that is to see on the disk to be recorded this year.
It is more ritual mixed with powerful riffs and extreme drums.

ECM-In conclusion, any last comments for the rest of the world?

Felipe-The conclusion is very clear, if you’re going to listen to extreme metal, understand what you hear, see and study the symbols of the covers, it’s all work is motivation, it is culture and history, it is ritual, remember that all the loud music inside death and black metal is music that always has one goal and that has lead respect to the buying public of the original material and go to live presentations to see a quality show.


I’d like to thank Felipe on the interview and you should contact the band at their facebook here.

I heard a couple of tracks off the demo ep and it’s some pretty good shit and hopefully the new album gets some good distribution so the rest of the world can hear the band.

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