Vermis – Promo (2019)

Release date: April 19th, 2019
Label: Independent

A new Death Metal band from Santiago, there is not much known about this band but this two track demo is something that should be heard.

Both tracks have there own special style like the first one The Scent of Death is the more straight forward track as I listened to this and these guys sound like pros, this simply blew my mind the first time heard it as I was amazed on how good this is, very powerful as the track has this great flow to it and the vocals sound perfect, for a three piece this sounds amazing you can hear all the instruments, great production to boot.

This second number Implossion starts out a bit different but the guitar work here is what you will first notice and then it goes into a frenzy of lunacy as the track breaks into a more chaotic feel to it as it has this pounding vibe to it throughout the whole thing that just left me wanting more.

These guys should promote this more as there is nothing on them but their Bandcamp page I would love to hear more from them in the future they have to tools to break out.

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