Verdugo – Profecías Paganas (2020)

Release date: July 20th, 2020
Label: Analog Kult Records

The trio from Lampa strikes back with this new three track demo, its been awhile since the debut from 2017 that killed and its good to see some new material.

And this leaves off where that one left us, Profecías Paganas opens up and they are out to kill as this comes out just pounding as its heavy and speed is there along with some crawling riffage, the vocals never disappoint as always, out with a vengeance style that fits in perfect and the lead slays! an impressive opener.

Ocaso de la ignorancia, man do things get even better as this has a different vibe as it opens with a killer riff before exploding into chaos but one thing here is it has different tempos as it goes along, but it has such a high energy through the whole thing, even the break near the end ads to the glory of this track, a total gem to my ears.

To the closer Decimated Souls, and this one gave me this old school feel as I was listening and its a perfect closer as everything you want is here, so I will leave it at that.

This just ads to the great discography this band has laid out for themselves, I never been disappointed by what they have released, I highly recommend everything the band has put out an underground gem of a band.

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