Vel’Har – Letanía I (2020)

Release date: November 25th, 2020
Label: Mahamvantara Arts/Rigor Mortis Productions

A ritual released late last year that needs to be giving a shout out to, the band has a Chilean/German connection as this is a whole band as they are mentioned on the cd and also part of the Pure Raw Underground Black Metal Plague circle.

The demo has only two tracks plus a intro/outro and some filler between tracks and they add flare to the whole thing as there is nothing boring about it.

Ad portas / Nigredo is the first taste we get here and if you like that raw old vein stuff you might like this as it comes full blast beat in your face but it gets even more interesting as it goes as there are some really grabbing riffs in this composition and the vocals are pretty sick nothing new but just right and some great breaks in here as well, impressive stuff.

Of the two tracks on here Audi, vide, tace… is more interesting as this starts out slow, a part of the band not heard till now but then it hits hard as hell as the torment comes in with no remorse but eventually calms down with this hard filled crushing vibe to it, then a sudden riff rolls in as the band goes off again in glorious form to a hard driven end.

Not a bad demo to show what this band can do, I highly recommend giving it a listen as this is one I want to hear more from.

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