Urticaria – Brutópolis (2022)

Release date: March 10th, 2022
Label: Independent

Time for some serious Thrash as this is some killer shit if this is what fills your need. There is plenty here as this has 13 tracks, but all are in a quick time range as the band definitely have that old school sound.

From the opener Nuevo orden you can hear this band is out to slay, and it continues for a while and the production on here is as good as it gets.

As the more I got into this I could hear the band experimenting with other aspects to their music but it’s all good, they even do a cover of Sepultura (Inner Self) which is good and the only track sung in English but doesn’t matter as this release is smashing, they close it out with a bonus track off a demo Interconectados which isn’t bad.

For me this is a brilliant release, has all the elements of a good thrash album, I highly recommend it.


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