Unholy Force – Embrace The Unholy Death (2015)

Unholy Force
Release date:July 18th, 2015
Label:Veins Full of Wrath

This band needs no introduction they been in the underground scene for awhile now spewing their brand of death/thrash but this is their first full length and I been waiting for this to fill my ears.

For the Ancient Ones opens this up and on this we have a new singer (CDM 666) which offers a good input to this album,this track starts with a bass line that gets your attention and then the song brings the evil we all love,a excellent opener! Covenant of Death blast right into your ears this one,Satan himself would love this and the vocals are superb.Sacred Fire keeps this rolling at the right pace pure heaviness love the riffing on this one as well The Force of Wrath has this eerie kinda black metal riff that begins this and it really is catchy something you need to hear to really get to know what I mean.Under Dark Skies has more of a black metal vibe than the previous another blasphemous track the line “swallow this world!” closes this track out in this evil vocal.Embrace the Powers of Death and you should this is one of the best tracks on here not that the rest ain’t but you just gotta love it if your into this kinda evil.Satan’s Blood pure evil track dedicated to Satan himself,this rips it’s heavy as hell!Ancients Spirits of Death/Darkest Destiny these two tracks are about the same very black metal ish riffing that should please anybody and the pace changes here and there but all in the good.Black Spirits of Revenge a great satanic closer with great lyrics that bashes all christians to hell!

I must say the new vocalist sounds great on here not that the old one was bad but musically and production wise this is their best effort to date and no leads as those who know the band and I would also call them a black death thrash band after this, but it doesn’t matter here these songs on here pull their own weight one of the best albums of the year in my book.


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