Unhallowed – Ab Intus Tenebras (2018)

Release date:May 22nd, 2018
Label:The Horde of Nebulah Records

It’s been awhile since I heard from this trio from Santiago, as their last one was released in 2015, so it was good to hear they were finally putting out something new after all this time as the Ascension Through Darkness EP really left a mark on me.

So this time around we get another EP with five new tracks plus an intro, for those that don’t know the band play black thrash speed metal, and I’ll be honest and say this took me about five times to listen too as all the songs didn’t grab me on the first take, well maybe a couple.

But anyhow this starts off with Of Sands… Of Mysticism and I was expecting something really brutal for openers but this starts out with a more complex sound, I mean I expected something more raw but it does speed up as it goes, but there are tempo changes throughout this that made it interesting and the leads on here are excellent, and A Messianic Creed in Mortuary Scent comes in immediately with a fast paced bass line and even gets better once the drums kick in at a faster pace and this drives, it reminded me of later Agressor in some parts which isn’t bad.

By this time I was still wanting to hear that sound I heard on their first release like Satan’s Metal but Flames of Lust doesn’t bring it here either not that it’s bad but I feel the band took a different approach on this recording but nothing to fear as this is a good second effort and Blackend shows how the band has matured, a very interesting number as it’s heavy but in it’s own very special way which is my favorite track on here as the leads are amazing as throughout the whole release but this track was the one that caught me on the first listen as well as the title track Ab Intus Tenebras is a great closer as well with a strong kick behind it and you can hear that awesome yell that I wish they would of used more but indeed this ends on a high note.

For me this isn’t a bad release at all and fans of theirs will appreciate what’s on here just hope it doesn’t take as long for another one, the only complain I have is why this is only released on tape and digital (which is how I got mine) I see the tape version has the lyrics but the digital doesn’t, guess I will go and write the guy who released this and tell to list them as I’m paying for it and should be part of the deal.

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