Tribulation – Gathered are the Legions to Destroy the Light (2020)

Release date: May 31st, 2020
Label: Independent

Tribulation is a band I have been following since the start, they are black thrash for those who never heard of them before and when I heard they finally released a full length I was thrilled of the news cause I knew what to expect from the band.

So we have some old and new tracks offered on here which is fine by me and from the opener Where the Wind Blows Cold we get this raw sound the band is known for, I really like what band has delivered here they sound just the way they always have that dark deep metal sound and when they break into the fast parts its gets even better the vocals really come to light on this recording as its raw and good with a perfect pitch.

As Cursed Crypts comes in this even gets better and one thing I noticed is these tracks are lengthy and to me that is a good thing as that makes these tracks even more interesting as this one has some breaks in it but really make it stand out, so I hear no flaws in it, might be long but it delivers.

This next one Nocturnal Conjuration is really a grinder to my ears, I love the riffage on here this is some killer shit here as it just kills with a drive that makes you wanna kill somebody and when it breaks down it has this eerie feel to it and then it goes out full force! one of the best tracks as this point.

And we go onto Queen of the Night which has this old Bathory vibe to it in the beginning with the riff but it has its own feel to it as it goes along as it gets more darker in a more deeper and dark attitude to it a very good track and it burst into Send the Priest to Hell an old track done here again and this time even better than the first, one of their highlights from the past being brought back to life again just like the next one Burn the Church which kills on here as well, this one brings back the memories of when I first heard it but even better here, the lead rules!

Desecration is up next an old favorite from the first demo and here as before sounds better as the production on this opus is way better than before and more energy is felt on these old tracks through out this whole album, the high-hats can be heard to a tilt on here and then we go onto a new track Trample on the Cross and oh man does this one kill, the band goes off here the lyrics can be heard clearly and the music is just perfect one of my tops on here as its got all the goods in it just the way I like it a blistering number that simply crushes!

As we break into Unholy War which has more of a pounding feel to it as the band has more feeling here as the track has this listen to me attitude feeling to it and you can hear it and it has this excellent groove to it as it even has a break the guitar has alone and then it goes into this deep dark feeling to it nothing that has been heard to at this point but it will grab you as it goes into Black Flame which has this even more pounding feeling as the previous which kept me wondering where the band was going but it kept me glued to it as it wasn’t that out to kill vibe that I was listening to earlier but its not bad as all as it brought more light to the whole feel of the album as Persistence of the Winter Echo closes this out and its a mystical sounding ending to the whole thing as it just shines a light to what the band wants to show to how this should end.

Inclosing I really like this release as its good to see the band is still alive and kicking, the album represents the band perfectly as a whole and hope to hear whats next in the future, I know a lot of fuckers that support this and are pleased with it and its time the band gets more recognition for their work so spread the news.

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