Totten Sorak – Destruidos (2016)

Totten Sorak
Release date:February 1st, 2016

Here is the first release by this death/thrash trio from southern Chile,and do they have a punch to their music with short tracks that are straight to the point,you might even hear a bit of hardcore/punk in some of their tracks but they insist it’s pure death thrash.

These guys sing in spanish but like how I always say I don’t care because this is some aggressive shit that really caught my ear because it’s a change from most of the stuff that I review on here,there are 8 tracks on here of pure head crushing mayhem and it only last little over 17 minutes with songs about war and all that other good shit which is an all out assault on your ears,and I don’t really have a favorite because I can listen to this all the way through.I highly recommend this to anybody that likes extreme music.

You can download this for free at their Bandcamp.


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