Torfrom – Culto al Terror (2020)

Release date: January 5th, 2020
Label: Independent

Well its been a long time since I heard from this band as they where coming out just as the first version of this site was put down but anyhow they are back after all these years, Torfrom is straight out Death Metal and after all these years they have finally put out this full length.

A ten track opus that has the band back on the map as this has a lot to offer as this got better to my ears the more spins I gave it.

The pounding and hard edged elements are shown here through out the whole thing as tracks like Legión del mal and a more complex sound on Luto eterno which on the dark heavier side.

As far as production, its excellent! everything comes out clean as you can get it, the drums really stand out here.

The whole album gave me that feeling of an up and down ride, for me the tracks Depravación and I am Lucifer and the title track stood out and they have some great lyrics through out the whole thing.

This is something you might want to give an ear to if you need a fix of death metal, there are only a few tracks up right now but soon the full release will be made by Australis Rec. as I was informed by Jorge (Guitar, Vocals) right before I published this, so good for them.

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