Top 20 of 2017

Another very active year, a little late for this post but who cares, and this wasn’t easy as I had more than twenty but these are my best it was a hard choice as the Communion and Disembowel are about even, two different styles that top their respective categories.

1.Communion – The Communion
(Hells Headbangers Records)

2.Disembowel – Plagues And Ancient Rites
(Iron Bonehead Productions)

3.Dementors – Torment of the Black Synod
(Tanatofobia Productions)

4.Vomit – Regurgitated Souls
(Von Frost Records)

5.Castigo – Perturbación

6.Castigo – Derramando Sangre Impura

7.Degotten – Hexentrost
(Blackstorm 666)

8.Diabolical Messiah – Demonic Weapons Against the Sacred
(Dark Descent Records)

9.Patron Mental – Criaturas sin Alma

10.Occult Pantheon / Profound Grave – Immortal Chaos Ascends
(Ex Nihilo Music)

11.Hades Archer – Temple of the Impure
(Hells Headbangers Records)

12.Oraculum – Always Higher
(Invictus Productions)

13.Infamovs – Under the Seals of Death
(Memento Mori)

14.Soulrot – Nameless Hideous Manifestations
(Memento Mori)

15.Theurgia – Genómasis
(Vestigia Flamæ)

16.Dekapited – Sin Misericordia
(Suicide Records)

17.Death Yell – Descent into Hell
(Australis Records)

18.Horns – Totendienst VI – Antiphonae Omnes Mortum et Animas Infernalis

19.Mortify – Mortuary Remains

20.Consecrate – The ;SA;crifice
(Impious Desecration Records)

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