Todverhexen – Ätherisches Grab (2021)

Release date: November 2nd, 2021
Label: Ars Negative, Qalmana

Some raw Black Metal by this one man project by Rotserbaen, and when I say raw this really shows it as the four tracks on here are just pure hell but if this is your thing I would really take a listen. all the tracks are titled in German and if you translate them they are some good titles.

Ich bin der Geist, der den Sturm heraufbeschwört, with a storm as an intro to this it sets the mood but as soon as the music comes in its pure hell with the devilish vocals that are just right for this but the production is what will make or break this for you, I gave it a few listens and whats there is some good shit as it has all the ingredients you would want but you need to hear it and make up your own mind, as we go into Umbra Mortii and here the torture continues but here you can hear the powerful riffage behind it all, a solid wall of chaos is felt here.

To the title track Ätherisches Grab and the high-hat crashing is what you will hear at the beginning and rides through out most of the track and it has its moments as the spirit of this whole thing still shines and to close Înmormântare Rece, which here the vocals sound more clear as in production but the whole track really to my ears loses none of the rawness but the ending is cool as the riffage fades out and an acoustic guitar comes in with the rain in the background which ended this on a high note.

Not a bad outing with a bit better production this would be on a higher note so maybe on the next release.

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