Thyasorgvama – Promo MMXX (2021)

Release date: February 3rd, 2021
Label: Verdugo 333 Propaganda

Here is the first demo from this new Black Metal band from Santiago and its only two tracks and one being a Beherit cover.

On Knees Before My Own Shadow the first and original track is fucking good as it has a great sound to it, I wouldn’t call this traditional black metal as it has its own fill to it, I dug it as it has this great guitar sound on here as it grabs you and just the way this flows as it has some really grabbing parts to it and the reason I wanted to get this out there.

The Beherit cover Gates of Nanna does the original good and the sound these guys have is something that catches my ear but would of loved to hear more original material as this has great potential from what is offered here.

Check out the first track below, killer shit!!!

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