Thirsty Demon – Waning Death (2019)

Thirsty Demon
Release date: December 5th, 2019
Label: Dissonant Death Records

Here we have a one man project from Cristian León (Hellish,Hemisferio), and this four track demo really caught my ear as this is some wicked death/thrash metal.

The title track Waning Death opens this up with a bashing mid tempo that caught me by storm but then it really gets to business as this will kick your ass as its out to kill! the pounding on the drums here is intense as hell as well as the vocals are crystal clear,the part when the lead comes in just made it even better as you can hear the snare drum being pounded to hell! a great opener that left me floored.

And it continues on With Them You Will Rot as this keeps the tide rolling as it comes in driving with this pounding and vocals setting the pace for an all out assault and the ripping riff here catchy as hell fuck! this shit is good.fuck this man knows how to deliver the goods.Petrified Dream is a sweet little instrumental that breaks from the chaos but then Sadistic Desire comes in to finish this off and fuck man is this good pounding brutal you name it its on here, love the screams on here and just the all out attitude to fuck you up and how it ends with nothing but pure hatred.

This demo rules I don’t care what fuckers might say, if you like insane metal to crush the weak this is it, go buy from the label or bandcamp fucking excellent shit! no doubt.

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