Theurgia – Earthbound Spirits (2021)

Release date: October 31st, 2021
Label: Vestigia Flamæ

Good to hear some new material from this black metal outfit as it has been awhile now but these two tracks on this demo are hopefully about more of what is coming soon.

Fires of Awakening, this has a great flow to it the opening riffs are classic black metal that keeps your ears pinned to what more is to come and there is plenty of it on here as it has this gripping feel of old darkness all around it even a spoken part that adds to the blend and the out going riff is memorable as it has a mythical feel to it, really good material.

To Walk the Nightside Gardens is even better this has some great passages sewn into it, a lot more aggressivness and the vocals come in quite well through this whole recording which should please the doubters but in all this little taste of the band is excellent! something to hear if your not familiar with the band.

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