The Black Harvest – The Black Harvest (2017)

The Black Harvest
Release date: December 1st, 2017
Australis Records

Ok, let’s get back on track with the reviews. Last week I received this album, and even if it’s not the kind of Metal that I usually listen to, I decided to give it a chance, and ended up being pleasently surprised by the quality of this work.

The Black Harvest is sort of a side project of Matt S. from the Death Metal band Son In Curse (you can check the review of their album Trivnviratvm here), who started this band as a solo project more than a decade ago, playing a mixture of Doom/Death that drinks directly from the classic names of the early 90’s, the ones like Paradise Lost, Katatonia, My Dying Bride, early Anathema or Amorphis, so you get the idea. This is their debut album and it comes after a demo called Mysterious Glory of Immortality (released in 2015).

The overall sound of the recording is very good, the band managed to produce a clear and powerful aura without falling into a plastic or overprocessed sound. The balance between instruments is almost perfect, the guitars sound sharp and don’t get crushed by the drums, and you can actually hear the bass adding that extra layer of heaviness that more often than not seems to get lost in so many albums. The vocals could be described as the “standard” gutural Death Metal growls mixed with some clean and melancholic voices.

This is one of those albums that are perfect to listen to on a dark, grey, cloudy and rainy day when you can fully dive into the melancholic atmosphere of the songs. ¿Standout songs? Hard to say cause the album as a whole is very well balanced, but for mere personal preference I would choose Wicked Bloody Eclipse, Epic Song of Darkness and Of Wizards and Demons as my favourites. So, bottom line, if you like the classic sound of the early 90’s Doom/Death Metal scene then you should really pay attention to this.

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