Terror Strike – Terror Strike (2015)

Terror Strike
Release date:August 20th, 2015
Label:Evil Confrontation Records

After being on the scene for ten years now we finally get the bands first full length,Terror Strike are an all out Thrash band and from the start this gets you going The Night Burns sets the mood on what this band is all about,I won’t get into every track as they are all good,this is what Thrash should sound like aggressive as hell with furious leads that make you wanna bang your head or beat some poser’s ass! If your into old school Thrash like Razor with that kind of speed I would highly recommend getting this you won’t be disappointed.The production on here is perfect you can hear every instrument perfectly,Iván Contreras vocals are in that S.American vein, we that follow the scene have come to known and yes this is all in English for those that have second thoughts.

The album is over 45min.long with two instrumentals that come across quite well,some highlights are Executioner Thrash Metal,Spit on the Cross,Armed and Alcoholic but this could easily be the Thrash album of the year,I wouldn’t even call this a retro band as by the cover shows these guys ain’t jumping on the bandwagon.You can purchase this at Evil Confrontation Records and they ship worldwide so go buy this and support!

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