Teogonia – Invierno (2020)

Release date: March 10th, 2020
Label: La Caliya Project

Teogonia is a band I have been following since the beginning they are Death Crust/ Metal Punk band and if you like extreme shit this is something you should hear as they have their own style to things and I was thrilled to see some new material from them.

It starts out with an extract from the film “The Monster Club” in the Spanish version which is quite long as it leads into Warthrone and its short and sweet as you can hear the band and what sound they have to deliver, to me it has a lot to offer as it doesn’t sound like a lot bands that use this genre to they’re name, here I hear all kind of goods.

One thing I’ll say they switch languages on here on some tracks you get English and others Spanish, like the first was English but the next one is in Spanish, Enemigo Absoluto is an all out kill to pigs in this world and the killer bass line gives this track a more punk feel but I liked the part he says “All the world detest the police” in different languages that really sunk well for me as I hate them fucking pigs!

The Art of Revolt, more straight to the point shit! as this track just soars in with an all out assault and a killer lead that will grab you even more and the final lyrics are right on to what its all about, excellent!
Interludio is a short acoustic guitar instrumental that fits in well and leads into These Choirs are the Truth and by the title you can understand what is going on here but this track has a different feel to it compared to the earlier, yes its heavy but with a whole different feel to it you need to hear to understand, as the closer Las Ratas en las Paredes is an absolute spike into Christianity which is fine by me and the track is an absolute scorcher heavy as hell it is a superb way of ending this.

It’s great to hear this band out with some new material if you dig extreme music check this out as like I mentioned earlier it has its own flare to it, I highly recommend you give this a listen, the band has it down for a free DL on their Bandcamp page.

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