Tenebrosidad – Cruel juego de la conciencia (2021)

Release date: November 25th, 2021
Label: Sepulcro Prod.

After last year’s La última palabra será de Satanás EP which caught my ear, I was surprised when I see this pop up so let’s see what Mr. Boris has come up with this time.

And right after the Intro it burst into La última decisión and if you like black thrash the old school way than this is right up there, lots of gripping riffage offered here and a sick guitar tone on the leads, good shit!

Bastardo decapitado for me was one of the first tracks that really grabbed me with a bunch of tempo changes and just that opening riff that rips at you and the vocals are sick as they get as the anger and aggression is there as well the bass is heard quite clearly here and the pace goes right into Atormentado hasta la muerte and with some crunchy riffage that will get you, there is some great speed here and the lead will rip you new one, another topper.

El daño mental jamás desaparecerá, with a different feel but still punishing this got better with each listen as a different variety you could call it was the vibe, I got from it. really enjoyable with all the tempo changes. but things really change on Cruel juego de la conciencia which is an instrumental which shows a way different side on what Mr. Boris has in his mind and I enjoyed it very much to take a break from the chaos, which sets in well on the release.

Back to the madness on Se acaba tu vida…se acaba el dolor, which drills at the start hard pounding as hell and a bass break put in for good measures and the exploding lead that follows, fills the need and goes into Recuerdo con forma de espectro which is a galloper if you like that but for some reason near the end the production got muddy and raw sounding but overall a good number.

The closer La última noche, opens up with this macabre sounding keyboard part but then we get into it as the vocals are really outstanding here as well its punishing with an excellent drive as it fades into oblivion.

A good follow up to the EP some driving black thrash that I hope gets a worldwide release soon as I need this in my collection.

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