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Voor – Cold and Strong as Ice (2020)

Release date: December 21st, 2020
Label: Independent

A four track EP by this thrash band, on the heals of their strong debut full length from 2019 this just adds to where this left off.

From the title track Cold and Strong as Ice which is the first of the two studio tracks on here, this comes right at you strong heavy riffage with attitude, this is pretty solid stuff the vocals are in English and they come across as good as ever and the track has this break near the end that even put more to it, good shit!

And even better on Blood for Blood as this has a killer bass out put as we get into it but what I really liked on here are the lyrics some fuck off! in your face shit and the ripping leads are just what made this even more of a smoker, my favorite of the two studio tracks.

To the live tracks and False People will Die, and by the title you know what to expect, this is a good catchy number as it has some great leads in here and the drive is excellent! this gets better as it goes on, as the final track Rage from the South is a bit different at the start but there is a lot heart behind the track as it is explained at the beginning as the way the Mapuche people have been treated by the Chilean government which is shit! and its all in the lyrics to understand and the track itself gets powerful as it goes and this really fuzzed out distorted lead in here really hits the spot and a killer way to end this.

Voor should have more attention in the metal world to be honest this band writes some really good music and should be up there with the others that are breaking through.

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Voor – Voor (2019)

Release date: July 13th, 2019
Label: Independent

Here is a band that has been around since 2012 from Rancagua and this their first full length, in the archives they are labeled thrash but to me there is more to their music as it has a whole technic of its own.

With a cool intro (Into Chaos) the band breaks into The Killer which is a strong opener and the vocals really stand out as well as the music is very catchy with a great drive to it and some tempo changes that keep you interested on what more is to come and the next track Reached by Your Death is a good example as this one is pounding heavy from the start and I will say the production on here is superb as you can hear all the instruments clearly and is one of my favorites on here till this point.

As we go on Rage from the South is a bit different as the tempo is more on the heavy metal side but once again the vocals really stand out but it has some catchy hooks to it that never made it dull as it goes well with the flow and will say there are some great leads through out this whole album.The Deserving of Death on here the tempo gets a bit faster and has a killer punch to it with the backing vocals “You Deserve to Die!” with an all out assault this is one of best tracks on here as it simply shreds and goes into Stoned Forever which is fast and furious from the get go but I will say I thought there would of been more to the lyrical content but all that is said is the title throughout the song but it really doesn’t matter cause the music will crush the weak.

The Deadliest Weapon has a vibe of its own and the message behind the lyrics is what made this standout for me and the playing as well as you hear the bass going off, this got better with each time I played it, so we go onto Unquiet Peace which I really had to give a few listens to before I really got it as there are many tempo changes in here that you would have to make up your own mind to it, so were getting near the end here and Your Fucking Church needs no introduction as the title speaks for itself as far as the music its killer with a bass solo thrown in and you can hear it cracking throughout and a killer lead to finish it off, and to the closer The Hatred Command a strong number with the chant THC! that adds to the flare of it as it’s heavy on all ends which is a good closer for the album.

In closing this a killer debut as it has a lot offer to anybody that likes they’re music heavy and I put a couple of tracks so you can hear them but will have to contact the band for a physical copy on their Facebook page.

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The Deserving of Death

Stoned Forever