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Violent Jaws – Víctimas de la Mentira (2019)

Violent Jaws
Release date: December 29th, 2019
Label: Axe Victims Records

Here we have this Black Thrash bands second demo but more official as the first was a rehearsal and I been wanting to hear this as I seen this band has done a few gigs and always wanted to hear what was behind this distinctive bands name.

And we get five tracks two sung in spanish and the other two in english and a instrumental to close it out, and this first number Ahogado en el silencio del abismo sets the mood on what this band has to offer some great speed with some tempo changes that are all catchy and this is raw no doubt and it grabbed me real good, nothing that hasn’t been done before but its done well on here anybody that likes that old school feel its well presented here.

Victimas de la Mentira, the title track is even better as it starts out with a tight pounding riff before it goes into a frenzy of chaos, I must say the vocals might be kind of drowned out a bit on here but really doesn’t matter much but this rules with a killer bass line thrown in for good measure and we go onto these two next tracks sung in english Placer Bestial and Violent Jaws and the language doesn’t make a difference both tracks are killer the first one was a bit short but the second is one of the best on here as it rips and pounds like I like it.

The instrumental closer Subterranea Adoración is a awesome track that drives and makes you want more, I really liked this demo as everything on here is catchy so the wait to hear this was worth it and hopefully we get a full length next time out, I put the whole demo below so you can check it out.