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Venus Torment – Perversion of Nature (2021)

Venus Torment
Release date: November 2021
Label: Suicide Records

The side project of Ripper guitarist/vocals Patricio Spalinger, but goes under Venus Torment on this side project of his which he handles everything except the drums, and it’s been awhile since any new material was released, so seeing this pop up was a blessing as I knew what to expect since the first album and everything in between was good shit!

And from the opening notes on Infinite Spiral we are led into a frenzy of chaos as this is belted out to crush your soul, and one thing you will notice are that the vocals come in nice and clear but the riffage is just mind blowing, an excellent opener, as the title track is next and this shreds just as well, the drums are being pounded to hell on here and it is demonstrated through whole thing.

I won’t get into every track as this is excellent piece of death thrash as it left me floored, after listening to it a few times it got better and better, if you need a fix of pure aggression this should give you that fill some great hooks are spilled all over this, the track Ultraviolent Fragments of Self will absolutely kill you, short and sweet.

A steamroller of an album, highly recommended.

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