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Vanagandr – Lycanthropic Black Metal (2021)

Release date: June 24th, 2021
Label: Kaos Regnum Prod

So here we have the full length that follows the demo that was released earlier this year and it is what I expected way better production, all the tracks that where on the demo are on here but the band made a title change to a couple of them plus two new ones and an outro.

So if you got into their first ritual this will be a delight as one of the new ones on here Lord of the Spirit Wolves is a scorcher one of the best, raw and in your face with that branded sound they have come up with total old worship and its lengthy which makes it even better. Somber Omens of Vilkaci the other new one is as good as well which fits in well with the whole thing, off the wall riffage going on here that puts a twist to it.

The (Outro) Under the Enchanted Moon is just a dark sounding piece that ends the ritual just the way it should.

The step up brought this to its full bloom, one of those I love to listen to but most can’t handle as the vocals are out there and stand out but fuck them I dig this and hope to see whats next.

Vanagandr – Demo 1 (2021)

Release date: May 2021
Label: Independent

A new Black Metal band of two maniacs and this being the bands first it caught my ear and I like the concept behind this as well as it leans towards werewolves.

Five tracks on here and the intro The Call is this haunting slow number with hellish screams in the background and sets the mood for this, Grim of Werewolf opens up with some howls and then the vocals sink in and they are some torturous yells that really add a delight to this, the music isn’t your typical high speed bashing shit this is slow but it works as its dark and catchy.

Things speed up on Lycanthropic Black Metal and I like the guitar tone the band delivers on here with some gripping riffs this shows another side of the band, the chaos is there and some interesting breaks on here as well and it continues on Hymn to the Black Wolf but here it sounds even more heavier as it swirls all the way through with no breaks to slow it down, good shit!

To the closer Sorcery in the Fullmoon Night and with this catchy hook of a riff this one is a topper, even with the raw production this really does kick your ass, a break comes in later that even gives more character to the track as it burst out again towards the end which brought this to a delightful end.

This might not be for everybody but I really suggest you give it a listen, the band just put out their debut and most these tracks are on it so I’m going to look into that cause I really enjoyed this.