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Evil Madness – Hidden Behind the Cross (2018)

Evil Madness
Release date:December 31st, 2018
Label:Grotesque Sounds Productions

Here we have the new EP by the band released on the last day of 2018 and a great way to start the new year, I knew this was coming soon and it was worth the wait, four original tracks plus a Demolition (Chile) cover.

Right from the start of Souls Possession you get that crushing speed this band is known for,ripping leads that kill as well, so a really good opener,the pace changes a bit on the beginning of Hidden Behind the Cross but this pounds no doubt and the bass shines bright on here as well and a fantastic lead that leads us into an all out speed frenzy and the ending is pure mayhem to the ears.

Darkness Rites comes out with pure fury in the typical way the band is known to do,totally thrashes everything in its path, and the last original track Blind Minds oh man is this the killer for me this starts out with a really nice mid pace tempo that I could picture a mosh pit going on while this being played live,even with a slight change that still has you pumped up then in closing as rips to the end, best track for me on here.

The cover of Demolition does the original justice or even better cause the production, if you heard the original you would know what I mean.

This is an excellent release to add to the rest of the bands discography,I highly recommend it as it shreds all the way through.

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Duam – Códice Nocturno (2018)

Release date:July 1st, 2018
Label:B.L.Z.B.U. Records

Here is this black thrash trio from Quellón that I first heard back in 2009 and they pretty much impressed me back then, so I seen they have been active since then with one full length already under their belt so I checked out this latest one and they changed direction compared to their earlier material but still this is some pretty sick blasphemous shit.

All these brutal hymns are all written and sung in spanish,from Chivato which means SNEAK you can hear these guys are out to kill with some of the best lyrics that I can totally get into,pure anti christian shit! the sound of the band is total old school worship as you hear a bit of all the classics throughout this whole album,

The vocals are excellent as there is a lot of power behind them and even the slower track Macuñ shows how deep they are as they add to what the song is about, not a blast beat track but has the right punch to it.the track Ñancupel is pretty interesting as it’s about Pedro Ñancúpel a Chilean pirate that killed numerous and was later executed, a good track to the list.

There is a total of eight tracks on here and a very good release that should please most bangers out there, great sounding production only bad note this has been sold out in physical copy and only available in digital format.

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Apostasy – The Sign of Darkness (2018)

Release date:June 24th, 2018
Label:Fallen Temple

It seemed like forever for this release to come out but I guess the wait was worth it as this is a killer release after I heard it all, if you follow the band there are some tracks on here that have been released before.

As Virgin Sacrifice comes in after the spoken intro, this old track sounds better than the previous version maybe the production improves it and that’s a good thing cause I remember when Cris Profaner had posted a preview and I had to tell him if that was going to be the final production and gladly it wasn’t as here it’s perfect.

Witching Fire is a new track on here a strong one as you get everything a good thrash track has to offer some killer leads that have that patent sound the band delivers, the next track Armageddon Is Near is more on the heavy side like more pounding is what I’m getting at and is good for what it is,solid track.

After The Great Damnation which is a mystical instrumental comes Blackened By Lust which was previously released but sounds better to me here than the previous version as well, Strike of the Tormentor had been released before but I never heard the first version so I went back and listened to the one released in 2016 and this new one here is better, the acoustic part in the beginning really builds up for the explosive part of the song which gave me a chill of a feeling taken me back to the 80’s but when it goes full throttle we come back to time as this rages, one of the highlights on this release.

Serpent Spell is cool bass solo instrumental that leads into the closer Satan Ascends and is perfect as this old Slayer riff kinda sounding starts it off before the track has its own life and Cris Profaner screams “Satan Rules Supreme” really stands out a really good way to end this.

I really enjoyed this to get away from all the real extreme releases I heard this year not that this is any weaker it’s just a different pace of heaviness, and Cris Profaner did an excellent job on the mixing and production to make this a really enjoyable experience to listen too and I recommend it to anybody that likes thrash in a good way like the old days.

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Deathly Scythe – Celestial Darkness (2018)

Deathly Scythe
Release date:July 9th, 2018
Label:Necrolatry Records

This death thrash band from Santiago has been around since 2007 and I remember that first demo they did and how some reacted to it but after that they vanished for quite awhile and a song here and there popped up but I wanted to hear more than so this EP pops up earlier this year and I read a lot of good things about it, was even surprised when they did a small European tour earlier this year with Ejecutor.

So we get six tracks on here and mostly old ones redone, a new one and a Samael cover and from the get go of The Opposites which is an old track but here it sounds better than ever and the sound of this band is your typical death thrash but these guys got this really shredding sound as it’s brutal but has these really great hooks to it, you really have to put an ear to it to hear all what’s going on, Evil Magick and Lucifers Manifestation, these two old ones really kill but LM really shines this track is my favorite on here lots of vibes going on throughout it, very powerful and deep.

Black Conquest is the only knew original track on here and it keeps up with the rest, very crunchy riffing in the beginning as it gets you ready for the bashing it’s gonna pound on you and it sure does even as it might slow down near the end it’s a brilliant composition that will leave you floored and the way it fades off reminded me of old school shit that I haven’t heard in awhile, the cover is next and is just a good instrumental doing the original good and it ends with Abysmal Kingdom of Stars which like the previous, many time changes and still brutal til the end.

I have to say that the guitar tone on here is what I really enjoyed the most, the production is raw but passable, I just hope they don’t take another 2 or 3 years to make something new as this release no doubt has put them on the map in the underground but will have to wait and see.

Pentagram – A Story By Patricio Jara (2014)

Author:Patricio Jara
Publisher:Libros del Pez Espiral

Here is another great book and this time dedicated to the mighty Pentagram.

This covers everything that band went through from the beginning to the break up and how they got back together and what led to the recording of their full length The Malefice, It’s interesting as the author gets a full detail from all the members and others that were part of the band in its quest to get the band rolling.

As everybody knows Anton Reisenegger is the mastermind behind the band and here he tells a lot of things I never read before and the book is really one of those once you start you don’t want to put it down, the part of what happened that made the band break up is kinda fucked up as the band got tired of being spit on by the fans at their early gigs that just got to them and other shit that came along in that time, the band had great potential as their demos were huge in the underground tape trading scene from back then so they had a cult following but they never got that big break they needed, as other bands in S.America had, they could of been as huge as Sepultura or even bigger if they got that break but unfortunately it never happened.

One thing that was funny is he mentions that TV appearance on “Sabado Gigante” that Necrosis did was offered to them first but they turned it down and gave it to them because they had a feeling something might happen and if you seen it you know what I mean but they did some other show later that they ended getting the same kind of treatment but no footage of that has ever been seen.

So in closing,this book when I first seen it online I just had to get a copy as I’m a big fan of the band and by the thickness in the pictures it looked like a long read but it’s not as it is written in English/Spanish and that’s what makes it look big and it could of had more info in it as well like their discography and had more rare photos as the ones used on here have been seen before on other publications but it was worth it to me as it has some good stories inside it.

If you want to purchase you can get it from the publishers official website here.

Perversor – Umbravorous (2018)

Release date:November 1st, 2018

Perversor is back with their third full length and I was pretty much shocked when I heard of this release coming out from the flyer that was going around saying it was coming out soon but they put the digital version out just a few days later.

So this is what you would expect from these veterans of the scene,no fucking around here as they go at from the beginning with no mercy as Deadly Poison and Black Fire grabs you by the balls as soon as you hear it, one thing I noticed on here is that the production is excellent! and that was one of the things that bothered me from their last full length but here they have nailed it to perfection.

I won’t go into every track on here as they all stand out but tracks like Formidable Destino, Merchant Of Spirits and the closer D.M.T which is my personal favorite on here, just because it has this punishing sound to it that gets your blood flowing.

If your into Perversor you will love this even to new comers of the band this is a good release to get you into the band.The vinyl and cd version is coming out on Pulverised Records from what the band mentions but no date has been announced.

Hellbutcher – Hellbutcher (2018)

Release date:October 19th, 2018
Label:Dark Recollections Productions

So the long awaited full length by this band has finally surfaced and it’s a good one no doubt as we get all the tracks from the 2016 Condemnatus Tormentum demo release are featured here as well rerecorded and sound even better.

It starts out with Bastardos de la Virtud which is a new track and I love how the intro has this eerie sound to the opening riff as it blends in before we go straight into this chaos and you can tell it’s the band because of its signature sound and it’s just very catchy all around as there is plenty of mayhem being cast out through this whole track, as we get into another new track Ritual de Profanación, I will say this whole album is sung in spanish but it really doesn’t matter as these tracks are really something to hear, right to the point as this one starts a bit slower but just for a bit as it starts to drive very quick and crushes in its glory.

Speed Death the instrumental on here sounds as good as ever, the production is really good on this as you can hear all the instruments ablazing as we blend into another new number, Fuerzas malditas and more of the same good shit on here as well but with a bit more aggression than the previous, just like the way the riffs are like a flowing force as this never gets boring just the way these compositions are written, they have their ups and downs but all just kill!

There are two keyboard instrumentals on here Lingua mortis and Condemnatus tormentum done by Brazilian Leandro Kastiphas former vocalist of Mystifier that add more feeling to the album.Nekrovulva, when I first heard it sounded like the band had taken a slower pace but just for a bit as it shreds as well the guitars on here really go off, some really good shit.

The next three tracks are all from 2016 demo and like I mentioned before all sound better on here so it’s a pleasure to hear them again,La cumbre del caos is actually the last track on here by the band and yes of all this one has a way different feel but still some great vibe to it, it closes out with an instrumental and then a Impurity cover Canonical Destruction which does the original justice.

This is a killer release from the band and is highly recommended not a dull moment through the whole thing, one thing though for those wanting to get a physical copy you should get in contact with the band as I posted earlier about this and Dark Recollections Productions from Mexico was to issue this but I have no clue what’s going on with that so the band released it in digital form but copies are available in Chile as far as I know.

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Massacre – 30 años de Thrash Metal (2016)

Author:Maximiliano Sánchez
Publisher:Ajiaco Ediciones

Massacre needs no introduction as they are the first Thrash Metal band from Chile and also the first band to use this name and this book is basically their biography and I wanted to know the roots of the scene and here you get everything as it takes you on a long interesting trip.This is written in spanish unfortunately for you foreign readers.

Yanko Tolic is the mastermind behind the band and here you get quotes from him and other members of the band and people that had something to do with the band at some point in time which made this a good read, lots of photos that go along with the story.

I’ll share a few parts like in the beginning as the country was still under Pinochet, it was very hard getting the movement going and they played anywhere where someone would have them and as they were the only thrash band around that meant being put on gigs with bands that played just rock and their shows were never finished with something going wrong, with the crowds going crazy that their set would be cut by the venue and many other reasons you’ll read in here.

The part where they get into the occult is very interesting on the effects it had on the band good and bad, but this takes you along with the band on their trips to Brazil,Uruguay and Argentina to do shows and covers basically all their recordings and what went on while making them and other strange stories are in here like the time Yanko was beaten by the police for no reason and lucked out when one of them was a rocker and let him go before any worse happened to him.

But it’s such a good read showing how all the hell they went through, then finally making a scene in Chile and making shows totally metal in that time as other bands started popping up all over and it also covers the insight on the members they had to go through in all the years as Yanko and Eduardo “Lalo” Vidal were the main base throughout the whole thing, and even the part when Lalo was let go is in here and the reason but all is good now as he is in the band again.

I’m glad I picked this up while in Chile this taught me on how the scene I was never a part of grew as I’m old enough to have been there but wasn’t, I highly recommend this as it’s well written the author really put his heart and soul into this and the final product is perfect. Never say die! is all I can say about Massacre this left me with pure respect for them. Cheers!

Click on image for larger view of the cover.

Chilean Fanzines From The 80’s – 90’s


Estos son algunos de los fanzines de los gloriosos años pasados, simplemente haga clic en la portada del zine para descargar, si alguno de los enlaces está inactivo, hágamelo saber y si alguien tiene algo que agregar a esta lista, simplemente envíe un mensaje. Saludos!

Blowing Thrash #1 (1985)

Blowing Thrash #2 (1986)

Blowing Thrash #3 (1986)

Fatal Prediction #1 (1989)

Impulso Repulsivo # 1 (1989)

Insanity Zine #1 (1987)

Insanity Zine #2 (1987)

Insanity Zine #3 (1988)

Blasphemer #4 (1990)

Blasphemer #3 (1989)

Dysneylandya #1 (1989)

Bestial Conspiracy #2 (1990)

Rattlehead #3 (1986)

Brutal Time #4 (1990)

Brutality #1 (1992)

Anarcheology #3 (1989)