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Vomit – Deathlike Vomit (2021)

Release date: August 9th, 2021
Label: Headsplit Records

The Death/thrash horde known as Vomit has returned with this killer EP. these guys are well known by now and if you follow them this will get your fill of the band for now,6 tracks with a Terminal Death cover that runs a little over 20 min.

And from the start Final Judgement is a pounding feast this has the drive and all the good hooks that are expected and when the lead comes in just listen to the drums take a bashing an excellent opener to this and prepares you for Carrion, which to me has that old school feel the band is known for, this has a great vibe to it fully packed to the hilt with all the goods, the vocals stand out as well.

A different approach on The Unsane, but still is bruising as it gets stronger as it goes the lead that pops up first is insane and what follows is just as good, a bit shorter than the previous but still has a powerful punch! Realm of the Goat starts out slow but then burst into a fury of madness with an intense vibe that will have your blood boiling, this shit rips I tell you, the band is going off here, death thrash at its best!

So onto Judge Death (Terminal Death cover) and this is better than the original to be honest as the band puts its own brand on the track, of the covers they done before to me this is the best one, and to the closer Resurrected, this shreds as well no letting down with gut ripping leads and a backbone of brain splitting aggression this brought this release to a mighty end.

An all out bashing of the mind is what you get here, the band sounds as good as ever and I highly recommend getting this to add to your collection of the band.

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Voor – Cold and Strong as Ice (2020)

Release date: December 21st, 2020
Label: Independent

A four track EP by this thrash band, on the heals of their strong debut full length from 2019 this just adds to where this left off.

From the title track Cold and Strong as Ice which is the first of the two studio tracks on here, this comes right at you strong heavy riffage with attitude, this is pretty solid stuff the vocals are in English and they come across as good as ever and the track has this break near the end that even put more to it, good shit!

And even better on Blood for Blood as this has a killer bass out put as we get into it but what I really liked on here are the lyrics some fuck off! in your face shit and the ripping leads are just what made this even more of a smoker, my favorite of the two studio tracks.

To the live tracks and False People will Die, and by the title you know what to expect, this is a good catchy number as it has some great leads in here and the drive is excellent! this gets better as it goes on, as the final track Rage from the South is a bit different at the start but there is a lot heart behind the track as it is explained at the beginning as the way the Mapuche people have been treated by the Chilean government which is shit! and its all in the lyrics to understand and the track itself gets powerful as it goes and this really fuzzed out distorted lead in here really hits the spot and a killer way to end this.

Voor should have more attention in the metal world to be honest this band writes some really good music and should be up there with the others that are breaking through.

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Fuego Eterno – El Arte de lo Oculto (2020)

Fuego Eterno
Release date: January 15th, 2021
Label: Independent

Here is a very interesting release as this death thrash band used to go by the name Renegades but changed it for the better as it fits the music better, the first release under the new moniker.

And from the start of Hipnosis, you hear this tremendous bass come in and it basically is heard through out the track but this isn’t aggressive as you would think to open up an album with as the vocals are perfect to get that out of the way, but back to the music this has a lot of breaks that take your soul all over the place as there is a ton of vibes on here and the title pretty much fits this and the musicianship really shines on here as this got better the more I listened it.

On Sumergidos en el placer y el dolor the band comes out storming like I would expect, this shows the death thrash I was expecting and it delivers well and when the bass solo comes in this took it to another dimension a fucking excellent track! and Destrucción del condicionamiento is up there as well with this really grabbing riff at the start and the vocals really stand out here but gets better as I can hear the band puts a lot of different hooks to their music and it really stands out, the ripping leads on here are amazing!

With a heavy bluesy vibe at the start of Inocencia consumida, this adds even more flare to this release as later it comes in more heavier but you have to hear the guitar work on here, its something else as it slows down midway through and gets insane vocally at the end and then the way the band ends it is just right, Dios hizo la carne, pero el diablo al carnicero, pretty long title for a long track as well, a very high speed track from the start and breakdown comes in that brings another edge to it as you hear a female vocal in the background as the main vocal is powerful as hell, but then it slows down even more but with this excellent lead to back it up as this really heavy vibe comes in and finishes off with a really hard fast fist pounding feel to it, good stuff.

To the title track El arte de lo oculto, kind of strange at the beginning due to the vocal effect used but it starts out heavy then a major slow down as the bass comes in then the guitars take over as it speeds up a bit more then the whole band goes off into this hypnotic sounding piece that feels like your spinning into oblivion, very interesting number, the closer Al borde del abismo, and this starts out really slow not what you would expect and it starts coming up very slowly and being the longest track on here expect a lot of changes as it gets heavier as it goes along and I mean that as the speed intensifies, and breaks down again half way but then it goes off at full force towards the end, good closer.

After hearing this a few times it grew on me to be honest, some might call this tech because all the changes, but its different for sure but its catchy as hell, all the compositions are written well and that is what caught my ear the most, a strong release no doubt.

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Demoniac – So It Goes (2020)

Release date: October 2020
Label: Dissonant Death Records/Suicide Records/Edged Circle Productions

As by now the whole world has heard this and many positive reviews have been published on this release, as a fan from the first release I will admit the band which I thought was inactive after this long break but this new one was a splendid surprise as it takes the band to a whole new level.

From the opening crack of RSV – Fools Coincidence – Testigo, the band is saying we are back with a vengeance as this track will drill you, for fast shit this doesn’t get any better as the lyrics are sung in Spanish and English even adds to it. The Trap is just as blazing but the lyrics are what got me even better as I can relate to what they are saying, good shit!

Extraviado, oh yeah this a take on an old song and with that superb clarinet that is featured here, some might say no but for me its a blessing as it adds new dimension to the music and shows the band has balls to put this out so a salute to them for doing this.

Equilibrio Fatal gets us back to the more thrash part of things and one thing you see here is the band can bring out all kinds of goods that fit just right this shit was meant to open your ass up to what can be done, hell I been listening to thrash metal since the eighties and this is some impressive shit! love the way you can hear all the instruments, great production on here!

To the closer and final and title So It Goes and almost 20 minutes long, this some will say to long but just listen to this and it wont seem that way as it was written, such a masterpiece way that this will go down as a classic as it the beginning with that smooth feeling to it but then it goes into full bloom and after is something you need to here cause the band shines on here.

Demoniac has put out one of the best albums when it comes to this genre, a true brain crushing release that shows the world what the Chilean metal scene has to offer.

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Kadmiok – Iconoclastía (2020)

Release date: December 28th, 2020
Label: Independent

Some new thrash from this new three piece from Valparaíso, this being the bands first offering that surfaced late last year , I must admit this brings a style in the vocals I haven’t heard in awhile as its sung in Spanish but the way its sung, not the typical yelling and growling but straight forward clean and mean.

Six tracks featured on this demo, Iconoclastía the title and opener is a very catchy number as it has these crunchy riffs to open then it gets heavier and when the vocals come in the pace slows but the lyrics are just what I like hateful shit to crush all the false prophets and all their shit, a very splendid opener as it gets even better on Karadura as the same message keeps being sent but more aggression is displayed here as it has some heavy pounding and it rips on through, I’m liking the way the band composes these tracks cause they come across very well.

Lacra has a more heavy sound to it but its gets more interesting as it goes, not as fast paced as the previous but still catchy as it goes and a great lead near the end that added fuel to the whole thing, but things really get good on Aquelarre as this comes at you blazing from the start and then breaks down but in a way that catches your ear as this has some great drive in it, one that sticks out of the way it is composed.

A little demon worship on Sukuba, the shortest track on here but packs a mighty blow that has all the goods in it as we go to the closer Fuerzas del mal, which is a great closer as it has so much attitude and greatness to it as the lyrics are as good as you can get and the way the track has this great vibe to it which ends this in a excellent way.

All I can say is this is an excellent debut and the band has a good formula that could lead to better things and hope to hear more soon.

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Sepulchral Rites – Death and Bloody Ritual (2021)

Sepulchral Rites
Released: January 18, 2021
Label: Dunkelheit Produktionen

Been waiting for this and its finally arrived, this female trio and there death metal attack in form of a 5 track EP and on a German label which is always good.

But lets get into it as the Intro comes in with a spoken word of which I have no clue what it is then the bass comes in as the rest of the band follows as this has a really mean and dirty vibe to it and gets faster as it goes, a really good opener.

As we go into Hidden Among Roots, and the pounding continues and after these two tracks I would call this more on the death thrash side as its got some good speed to it and the vocals are pretty good (Hellwitch) as she calls herself has a great set of pipes on her, excellent growls that up there with the big boys and the track is blazing as well with a break that adds more to the depth as it storms out with all guns cranked to the maximum.

And man does it get better, Possession has a different feel on the vocals as they seem even lower at the beginning but this comes right at you and all of a sudden this part a lead comes in, and its an all out war as the band rips up a storm and then breaks down to crushing but ignites again to the end.

Sacrifice, this sounds just right as its has crunchy beginning and then goes into a faster gear as the band is taking us to the ritual, some really grabbing riffs on here and the heavy slow breakdown puts more effect on the whole thing, heavy stuff!

It ends with Demented Rites and with a more doomy feeling at the start but then goes off with this really whirlwind of a riff that grabs before breaking down again as it fades off and that spoken word comes in again as it fades out.

A really strong release that I plan on getting as only the digital format is out, the label has set March 20th as the release date for vinyl and cd formats and pre sales are up already so get a copy.

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To Death – Perpetual Gloom (2020)

To Death
Release date: Sep 5, 2020
Label: Independent

Here we have this new 2 piece Black/Death band from Santiago and this being the bands debut EP, I looked them up and seen they are a two piece band and one being member of the band Crypter, and that band made my top list last year so I had to check this out.

Tánatos opens this up its a short dark guitar intro that sets the mood for the darkness to come and Merciless comes in and this has the typical sound described and it has a good drive, the vocals are pretty sick to boot, if they are using a drum machine you really can’t tell but the lead in here really added to the whole thing, not a bad start.

This next one Invocation has a whole new life and more extreme as its on fire from the start with a midtempo riff thrown in half way through this got even better and then goes off into a chaotic mind crusher for an ending, good shit!

And it gets even better on To Death as this is catchy as the vocals laying the title down will grab you and then it slows down midway and here it got a whole new vibe to it but when it picks up again this is out to kill till the end.

Closing out with In the Pyre and this starts out a bit different than the earlier but its heavy as hell as a full out onslaught is captured here a good ending to this.

For this being the debut there is a lot of promise here for the future as they have what it takes from the sound they deliver, something you might want to check out.

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Suicide Nation – Hall of Violence (2020)

Suicide Nation
Release date: July 16th, 2020
Label: Australis Records

Some Thrash with class I will say, Suicide Nation has been around for a few years now and this new full length is up there to their debut from a few years ago.

This band sings in English just to get that out of the way and if you thought the Chilean thrash scene was only limited to a few bands well these guys are up there as this release has some balls to it.

As from the first track RSS, I was like fuck this has that sound and I looked more into their past recordings and this leaves off where the first album left off.

For me the band doesn’t sound Chilean as most would think this could be from anywhere and that is a good thing as I been listening to thrash from the start and I couldn’t believe how good this is.

I won’t go into all the tracks as I usually do on my reviews as this doesn’t need it, as this release is a thrashers dream come true, a classic or righteous release, I would call it.

No gimmicks here this is thrash as it was meant to be, 100% support!

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Parkcrest – …and That Blue Will Turn to Red (2019)

Release date: October 21st, 2019
Label: Independent

Been awhile since this thrash outfits first full length and this was a surprise to me when I got contacted about it so I was all for it as I never got around to the first one.

This is one that got better the more spins I gave it as from the opener Impossible to Hide, comes out roaring with an old Kreator vibe but more modern with intense riffs that are out for business, this is some intense thrash the way it was meant to be played even the slight tempo changes here are excellent!

The production is perfect on here everything comes out crystal clear as you can hear all the instruments as it continues on Darkest Fear which is heavy but even gets more chaotic as it goes on, some flaming leads on here that will pound the brain in, Punished in Life, gotta love this one as the lyrics add to the pleasure of as it says things most can relate to and chants of (Egoist! Hypocrite!) well you know what I mean. another strong track to keep things going in the right direction.

Until this next one Possessed by God which has a whole different vibe as there is a lot of lyrical content on here that made the track seem kinda long but the bass guitar shines on here that made this one interesting that I would say is giving you a break as Midnight Chasm gets things back into a more aggressive mode, gotta love the galloping riffs in this one to add that old school feel to it as well as the leads and the drumming really stood out here for me,good shit indeed.

Dwelling of the Moonlights is an instrumental and I always loved them and this one is a ripper lotta catchy riffage and a few tempo changes to give it some feel and an all out assault in the end that really grabbed me, but this next one Hatred ‘Till Die is probably my favorite track on this whole thing as it simply shreds even with the short bass line thrown in and then all hell breaks loose as this is out to kill! a smashing track!

And it continues on Tired and Guilty a excellent! track full of destroying riffage and the leads on here will annihilate you, another strong number as we end it with the title track …and That Blue Will Turn to Red which mostly shows what the band has put out through this whole album as it fades away in the end.

This is thrash with class, a very good follow up to the debut and hopefully soon it will come out on a label as only digital exist at the moment but from what Javier Salgado (Guitars,Vocals) told me they are looking for a label and then it will be even more enjoyable when all the lyrics are available.

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Putrid Coffin – Desecrated Tombs (2019)

Putrid Coffin
Release date: March 14th, 2019
Label: La Cripta Metal Shop

The latest from Putrid Coffin its been awhile since the first album came out and I was pretty impressed with the debut and this new EP does not disappoint we get the same head bashing as on the debut with a bit better production this time around.

So lets get into it Dark Power Of Sorcerer opens this up with a nice intro then the band kicks in with its power as you can really hear the drums clear as light on here with the high hats that really stand out and one thing that the vocals on here reminded me of the Dutch man Alexander van Leeuwen (Mental Distortion,Desecrate) but the music is tight death thrash as you would expect even the slow part when the lead comes in is a pleasure to the ears.

XVTH Century Pestilent Covenant, has these short blast beats that stop and go that make you think what’s next as the guitars are ripping on here with some breaks that add to the chaos on here,like I said the production really is good, as you can hear both guitars going off in their own way,hard to explain its something you need to hear to really appreciate,onto Desecrating Tombs the title track which is interesting, its pace has a good drive to it and keeps you pinned as this band really has a good vibe especially on the fast parts as they are out to torture your soul and especially on this track,pure head pounding madness.

Darkness is Endless (Aluhe), this is the ass kicker here this one took me on the first listen as its an all out onslaught even the breaks go into more heart ripping shit! this one hit the spot my favorite track on here to this point and the closer Magnificence of Baal continues in the same vein this whole EP has shown from the start as the bands tracks take you on a trip of ups and downs through this whole thing.

Not a bad second offering from the band it’s what I expected solid death/thrash but for me it’s more in the death vein as I listened to it more and more.

The band has no social media page but this can be bought from their label which is reliable as I have purchased from them before and a big hail to Nelson for sending me this,cheers! comrade.