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Thirsty Demon – Unconscious Suicide (2020)

Thirsty Demon
Release date: August 24th, 2020
Label: Dissonant Death Records

Hell yeah! the wait wasn’t long after all as I knew this was coming and this one man army of Cristian Le√≥n proves as the demo killed! and the a full release comes quick and hell yeah a fucking killer piece of death thrash.

All the tracks from the demo are here so you know what to expect.

Opens up with a new one Whispers Of The Damned and fuck does this leave off where the demo left off, It has more feeling than I could imagine it has all the goodies you want, sick vocals the drums are like a wrecking machine, I was just floored from this new one.

And another new one as I will only cover the new tracks here as all the old ones kill so don’t worry ūüôā

Shit In Silence more down and intact as this stands out as the vocals are out to rip you and the music is even stronger this new one really is well composed as the tempo changes ad to the glory of this, hell it gets better as it does, a total killer.

Rotten Angels a bit of a more slower tempo at the beginning but fuck that as then it just goes into a chaotic mind send as it just has this hard doomy feel to it but nothing to fear for those maniacs that love the insane shit, its here my friends.

Oh my and we go onto Negative State and this track hit the spot for me as it comes out blazing but then the tempo changes to a slower more feeling I would say but then just goes off, this track really is one of the best new ones here as it has so much feel to it.

The closer Calls to Death with a crunchy riffage to start and the powerful vocals this track explodes as it goes along, its a bit different but rips as there is an excellent lead in here that is mind blowing as the heavy pounding riff comes in but it keeps going at it as there is no letting down as it advances as it goes along so a good ending to this.

This is some killer shit the man knows what he is doing and I dig it, I highly recommend it and hope the madness keeps rolling.

Verdugo РProfecías Paganas (2020)

Release date: July 20th, 2020
Label: Analog Kult Records

The trio from Lampa strikes back with this new three track demo, its been awhile since the debut from 2017 that killed and its good to see some new material.

And this leaves off where that one left us, Profecías Paganas opens up and they are out to kill as this comes out just pounding as its heavy and speed is there along with some crawling riffage, the vocals never disappoint as always, out with a vengeance style that fits in perfect and the lead slays! an impressive opener.

Ocaso de la ignorancia, man do things get even better as this has a different vibe as it opens with a killer riff before exploding into chaos but one thing here is it has different tempos as it goes along, but it has such a high energy through the whole thing, even the break near the end ads to the glory of this track, a total gem to my ears.

To the closer Decimated Souls, and this one gave me this old school feel as I was listening and its a perfect closer as everything you want is here, so I will leave it at that.

This just ads to the great discography this band has laid out for themselves, I never been disappointed by what they have released, I highly recommend everything the band has put out an underground gem of a band.

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Suffering Sights – Existential Realism (2020)

Suffering Sights
Release date: June 7th, 2020
Label: Independent

Here is a Death Metal band from Santiago, I just came across them and they started out back in 2018 and this was actually released last year but the band has made it available worldwide till now and is a must hear.

But anyhow lets get to what this has to deliver, It opens up with a J.S. Bach composition but then the band comes in and you can hear they have a great sound to them as it is short and a taste of what they have to deliver as Desperate Search comes in and what I first noticed was the bass could be heard and it kills the vocals are your typical Chilean metal tone vocals which I love as they have they’re own feel to them and the breaks come in with such a mystical lead that then blends into this crushing sound that will just grab you, I have no way to explain how good this is that you need to listen to it.

G.E.B. (Genetically Engineered Bacteria) is next and all I will say is this track slays as there is no holding back here this composition is so well written makes this young band look like pros, it has every element that a good track has to offer I was fucking amazed on how good this is, it took me back to the old days that’s how good it is.

And onto The Great Filter and you think things would let up, hell no! this even beyond a blistering track with so much impaled into it I was floored by this one, fuck it will destroy you as it gets right to the point I fucking love it! and to the closer Boötes Void РWorthy Acts of Hate which is actually two track together and the opening is so mystical I would say but I love it as it comes in with the right attitude but man you just got to love what the band is doing here as this gets heavy as it goes along, it just grabs you a so righteous sound that they deliver as it has all that old school vibe to it, It has everything you could want an excellent way to end this.

In closing this band has everything that anybody into this kind of music would love, one of the best up and coming bands I have heard this year a must!

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Worship Chaos – End of Times (2020)

Worship Chaos
Release date: May 6, 2020
Label: Independent

Here is a death thrash band I stumbled across and to get things out of the way, first I did some research on them and I see it consist of two members and they released a promo before this demo and to be honest that promo wasn’t that special as things sound much better here and they use a drum machine which really doesn’t matter to me cause it sounds very promising.

Things start off with Intro which is a instrumental which is short and sweet and you won’t get any high tech production here but raw as hell and I mean that in a good way as its listenable, Sacrificio is where we get to hear what this band is delivering as the vocals are very good especially if you like the old school sound, the ripping on the guitar sounds insane on here as well, so a solid track and chaos continues on Hellish Vengeance as this tremendous roar starts this and then as the title says you can hear in the lyrics “I wanna break your skull” and yeah this rips full out to kill vibe with a killer lead that just tears you apart, the highlight to me at this point.

Infected Cells, hell this one is different and really good as the speed is there and all that good shit, the break added more flavor to it but its so catchy that it ended to quick as the last riff just stopped out of nowhere, so the last track Violence of War is a bit more on the mid tempo at the beginning but burst out into full madness as it goes along then a killer break that a killer lead comes in but unfortunately its drowned out by the rhythm guitar but you can still hear it, its a demo so fuck it still kills to finish this off in a high note.

So I’m very impressed by this effort this band has great potential, so if the band reads this don’t give up you can do it! They don’t have no Facebook page but a YouTube channel you can hear the older shit plus this demo and more info about the band in the description part but I put it below as this copy sounds better than the video.

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Ripper – Paranormal Waves (2020)

Release date: March 30th, 2020
Label: Independent

Well the band didn’t waste time finding a new bass player and this 4 track EP shows the didn’t miss a step as this is what you would expect from the band and believe me this is some strong material.

From the opener Paranormal Waves I wondered how if any there would be change in the sound but this starts out with a mid tempo feel to it but it goes insane a few more seconds in and yeah that bass sound is there like the earlier stuff so the band has not lost one bit of a feel to it! this crushes to the bone and has a great feel as it should.

And the madness continues on Uncontrolled Abjection, another kill track! lots of ripping guitar here as the band goes off full tilt, the only complain I have is the guitar could of been louder as it gets drowned out when it shouldn’t be but on to this instrumental I Origin here the bass playing of new member Jose Piutrin comes into full view and the man has this down to the bone and this ain’t bad of a track either as it’s catchy as hell.

We close off with The M√©dium and a beauty of a track as it has all the elements this band is known for a lot of powerful tempo changes that blend in well, so a hell of an EP that should please all the fans of this band, don’t know if this will be released in physical format as the band hasn’t said much about this, I thought it would be on their Bandcamp page but nothing.

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Here is the whole EP for your listening pleasure.

Ripper – Sensory Stagnation (2019)

Release date: September 30th, 2019
Label: Unspeakable Axe Records

A few months late, but I finally could get my hands on a copy of Ripper’s new EP, Sensory Stagnation. It has been 3 years since the release of their highly acclaimed second album Experiment of Existence, so the expectations for this new material were big.

After the brief intro Dissociation, The Unreal starts, and after the initial riff, the song begins dwelling into a more Death/Thrash territory that we were used to. This is specially noticeable during the slower guitar parts, which really give you a Death Metal vibe (think of early Atheist or Pestilence).

Sensory Stagnation is a bit more fast paced than the previous song, but keeps the proto Death Metal atmosphere with a lot of variety on the bass, and aggressive riffs. Best song of the EP in my opinion.

Like a Sacrilege is a cover by an old forgotten band from Santiago called Aberration. To the best of my knowledge they only released one demo in the early 90’s before fading into obscurity. Ripper‘s homage to the original song is very good, taking a faster approach in comparison to the more Death Metal rooted original, but very well executed. Also, on their first demo, Ripper made a cover of a different song by Aberration.

For closing they decided to go with a re-recording of Terror Streets, an old song that goes back to their demo days. Aside from the fact that it’s not a new composition, there’s not really much to complain about it, since it’s a fast and aggressive piece, just pure Thrash Metal mayhem.

The only downside that I see here, is that essentialy there’s only two new tracks if we exclude the intro, the Aberration cover and the re-recorded song. Now, the quality of those two songs is as high as we could have hoped for after Experiment of Existence, so take my complain with a grain of salt. The album was recorded at DM6 Studio, with Pablo Clares at the helm, so you know what to expect soundwise. The artwork was done by Basti√°n Vel√°squez, frontman of Deathsvn.

Now, what actually is important is the fact that after this album, both bass player Pablo Cort√©s and guitar player Daniel Poblete left the band (they play in Suppression now). Since Pablo’s remarkable and unique style has always been one of Ripper‘s distinctive elements, one can only wonder what will his departure mean to the band. Plus, he was in charge of most of the musical composition of this EP, so it’s not going to be an easy task to replace him.

Ripper definitely kept the pace with Sensory Stagnation, and also pushed the bar a little further in terms of variety and execution, venturing with a few hints of Death Metal into their music. Now, with a new lineup it will be very interesting to hear what they can come up with next, but in the meantime, this album is perfect if you are looking for a good dose of Thrash Metal.

Thirsty Demon – Waning Death (2019)

Thirsty Demon
Release date: December 5th, 2019
Label: Dissonant Death Records

Here we have a one man project from Cristian León (Hellish,Hemisferio), and this four track demo really caught my ear as this is some wicked death/thrash metal.

The title track Waning Death opens this up with a bashing mid tempo that caught me by storm but then it really gets to business as this will kick your ass as its out to kill! the pounding on the drums here is intense as hell as well as the vocals are crystal clear,the part when the lead comes in just made it even better as you can hear the snare drum being pounded to hell! a great opener that left me floored.

And it continues on With Them You Will Rot as this keeps the tide rolling as it comes in driving with this pounding and vocals setting the pace for an all out assault and the ripping riff here catchy as hell fuck! this shit is good.fuck this man knows how to deliver the goods.Petrified Dream is a sweet little instrumental that breaks from the chaos but then Sadistic Desire comes in to finish this off and fuck man is this good pounding brutal you name it its on here, love the screams on here and just the all out attitude to fuck you up and how it ends with nothing but pure hatred.

This demo rules I don’t care what fuckers might say, if you like insane metal to crush the weak this is it, go buy from the label or bandcamp fucking excellent shit! no doubt.

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