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Thermonuclear Devastation – Worshipper of Darkness (2020)

Thermonuclear Devastation
Release date: September 21st, 2020
Label: Burning Coffin Records

A new Black Thrash outfit with their first effort and this 6 track EP should please anybody that is into this kind of stuff.

I gave this a few listens and this is some killer shit but the only thing that kind of bothered me was the production as the vocals are over powered by the music and I get a feeling these tracks where recorded in a live studio session from what I hear.

But it destroys from the beginning of Worshipper of Darkness as this storms right in as the band is set to kill, fast paced with some righteous lead thrown in and the onslaught continues on Midnight Aggressor, as this rips as it has a heavy pounding vibe in it, this is in for the kill no doubt some really good material up to this point.

Self-destructive Instinct is a bit different with a more mid pace attack at the start its heavy no doubt but it gets better as half way through a break comes in and then it fucking goes on a all out full assault but then calms down to ease your senses, so not a bad number at all.

So we get back to the blood churning on Feathered Necromancer (Vultur Gryphus) as this smashes from the start but a break comes in but after that it really got even better as this part with a smoking lead comes in as it ends into oblivion and right into Hateful Revenge and with a title like that you would know what to expect, this will crush the weak, one of the most powerful tracks on here that will leave you floored.

And the closer Horde’s Wrath is another smasher this holds no punches back, straight out in your face with nothing to lose, its heavy as fuck! a great closer to this first effort.

In closing this is some well written compositions and if you don’t mind that the vocals could of been recorded a bit higher this is a keeper and I’m sure will hear more from the band in the near future.

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