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Suffering Sights – When Sanity Becomes Insanity (2021)

Suffering Sights
Release date: September 27th, 2021
Label: Burning Coffin Records

Well here is one I been anticipating for its release as I mentioned in my last review of this band I knew they had it in them and here is the proof as this is a blistering debut.

If you got off on their EP then this will fill your need as most of it is on here as well and for the new comers prepare to be slaughtered as this will teach you on what this band has come to deliver.

Suffering Sights, the opener here is a ferocious slab as it has a mighty punch from the start, a new track that sets the mood of what is coming here, this track absolutely smokes, ripping leads that will grab you on the first listen and it just roars with glory, a fantastic opener.

As we go into G.E.B. an old favorite and here with a better production it has new life just like all the other ones previous released. Punishment Voids another new one with a new vibe but its catchy as hell, and gets better as it rolls on, basically an instrumental that leads into The Great Filter and if your familiar with the band you know what to expect as this hammers down like a spike into your brain, crushing material!

Face the Reality, digging the riffage at the start of this one and again it gets better as it goes on, and the vocals are pretty clear on here as you can understand them, aggressive when I mean clear. Hypocrite was the first track that caught me when I first heard this as it has a storming drive at the beginning but then some tempo changes but it goes back to its savage roots, one you need to hear to get the full impact.

As the instrumental Between Madness and Reality is a short mind grabbing piece it leads the way to one of my old favorites Worthy Acts of Hate and rips just like it always has, one that if you never heard it will crawl up your spine, this has a mighty impact!

Desperate Search with its catchy bass line at the start will grab you as it has a different feel but still shines as its a crawler you could say, the bass really stands out here in some parts but all hell breaks loose near the end with some killer hooks.

The closer Corrupted Childhood is a bit different from the rest as its heavy but then midway in the pace changes to a slower but deep feel but it has a life to it and it has a weird ending its not bad but a whole different side of the band not heard much through this whole thing.

If your into old school death thrash I highly recommend this release, the band sounds as good as ever, no disappointment here.

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Suffering Sights – Existential Realism (2020)

Suffering Sights
Release date: June 7th, 2020
Label: Independent

Here is a Death Metal band from Santiago, I just came across them and they started out back in 2018 and this was actually released last year but the band has made it available worldwide till now and is a must hear.

But anyhow lets get to what this has to deliver, It opens up with a J.S. Bach composition but then the band comes in and you can hear they have a great sound to them as it is short and a taste of what they have to deliver as Desperate Search comes in and what I first noticed was the bass could be heard and it kills the vocals are your typical Chilean metal tone vocals which I love as they have they’re own feel to them and the breaks come in with such a mystical lead that then blends into this crushing sound that will just grab you, I have no way to explain how good this is that you need to listen to it.

G.E.B. (Genetically Engineered Bacteria) is next and all I will say is this track slays as there is no holding back here this composition is so well written makes this young band look like pros, it has every element that a good track has to offer I was fucking amazed on how good this is, it took me back to the old days that’s how good it is.

And onto The Great Filter and you think things would let up, hell no! this even beyond a blistering track with so much impaled into it I was floored by this one, fuck it will destroy you as it gets right to the point I fucking love it! and to the closer Boötes Void – Worthy Acts of Hate which is actually two track together and the opening is so mystical I would say but I love it as it comes in with the right attitude but man you just got to love what the band is doing here as this gets heavy as it goes along, it just grabs you a so righteous sound that they deliver as it has all that old school vibe to it, It has everything you could want an excellent way to end this.

In closing this band has everything that anybody into this kind of music would love, one of the best up and coming bands I have heard this year a must!

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