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Storm Death – Ancient Premonitions of the Gods (2019)

Storm Death
Release date: September 1st, 2019
Label: Tanatofobia Productions/Street Metal Blasphemy

Here we go Death Metal freaks this band hails out of Melipilla and I been waiting a while to hear this and fuck is this release a joy to the ears as this a crushing full length as it has a taste of Deicide but fuck that!

This will take you on a trip to the ecstacy of death metal as it should be,from the first number Ancient Premonitions of the Gods in the Supremacy of the Winds of the End you can hear this band is out to kill! not a blasting track but the way they get their point across is excellent! as the pounding is there and gives you a taste of what the band is out for.

As you will hear on Conquered Mind as things get more heavier and yeah this is what you want when it comes to bashing shit! I will say the vocals are your typical death metal growls but fuck it works quite well and this stuff reminds me of Autopsy, etc in some kind of way because no need for full blast parts as this is death metal but the leads on here will grab you.The Day When the Ancients Rise is up next and this is a bit slower in the beginning but goes into a frenzy of mayhem later on as this is heavy as fuck to tell you the truth.just give it a listen.

Damned Voices from Another Self is next and this track is a blessing just listen to that riff ripping in the beginning but just the way this is consuming your soul, what a masterpiece of a track this is as there is a heavy vocal that should remind the old folk of the past. Falling into Xibalba is an all out onslaught as the band goes into another phase on what they have to offer and shreds so another killer on this.

Nebiros Bezemer Is the first track on here that is sung in spanish but who fuckin cares this is heavy just listen to the drums on here and the rest as this is a death metal as most like, no poser shit here!and the vocals oh my! and that sweet guitar, a blessing that left me with a grin of delight.

Oh hell and El aposento de la sabiduría, de la muerte y la creación and for some reason these tracks at the end that are in spanish give a more pounding to my ears as this just a more intenseness to it.and the closer The Raising of Two Black Serpents Who’s Fight and Burn Eternally in the Gates… is just a beautiful way of closing this masterpiece out an instrumental that hits that nerve.

Shit what is there to say this is one of the best Death Metal releases of the year Storm Witch is a force to be dealt with.

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