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Letalis – Bestia Oculta (2022)

Release date: September 7th, 2022
Label: Independent

Here is the debut by this female (Jacqueline Jara) fronted Heavy Speed Metal band, And from the beginning of the title track you can hear the band is pretty tight and this girl has some pipes on her, this is catchy even with the breaks the band throws in so not a bad opener and Culto a las sombras shows a heavier side of the band, more speed and aggression filled and it continues on Nací para vencer which has a killer drive to it and some ripping leads on here but it has a break in which the bass takes over but then goes into a frenzy, which closes it out, good stuff.

Escupe Fuego is that one track you find on an album and you like from the first listen, well at least for me as it has a great drive and some heavy pounding parts that really stand out, Veneno de escorpión is up there as well, the screams on here are powerful as hell as the track is just as good. Máquina de almas podridas great track with some lyrics that are powerful to today’s society and the way she sings it comes across very well.

Lloviendo sobre el mar here is where a change comes as this is pretty slow at the beginning but it builds up as it goes the vocals are what is mostly highlighted here, different but not bad and to close Cráneos a speedy track but a strange ending as the bass crashes in and this rides out in a fade.

Not a bad release if your into this kind of stuff, lets just hope they ain’t just a one off shot band as I have seen a handful of these female fronted bands put out some good material but fade into oblivion later on.


In Nomine / Devil’s Poison – Acid Love…Acid Fuck…Acid Rock n Roll! / Venenum Diaboli (2021)

In Nomine / Devil’s Poison
Release date: December 26th, 2021
Label: Street Metal Blasphemy

A serious split from these two hordes of chaos, both consisting of speed metal with a little black as well.

Devil’s Poison opens this up and most the material they have on here consist of some of the singles they have put out lately and in good fashion, if you follow the band this is a worthy release and both bands swap covers of each other.

In Nomine, has a little more to add to the release as the band states this is the new direction they are taking, and it showed a bit on their last album but on these tracks, they really come out at you.

A great split as both bands show what they have to deliver, and Devil’s Poison have a new one coming out later this year so be prepared.

In Nomine
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Devil’s Poison
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Perseguidor – Globalización de la Destrucción (2021)

Release date: January 15th, 2021
Label: Diabolical Summoning Records

Here is a band that’s been around quite a few years now and its been awhile since I heard them as their music is quite hard to find and if you never heard them they deliver a tour deforce of speed metal and if you never heard them this release is a good start.

A demo of 7 tracks sung in Spanish and this opening track Sistema Perveso, just shows on what a ride your in for as this rips from the start and the vocals are sick and grindy as the production on here doesn’t get any better as all the instruments come in nice and clear, some excellent leads and a thunderous bass that can be felt, headbanging mania as it should be.

The beginning of G.D.D (Globalización de la Destrucción),is heavy as fuck! a heavy riff in the old-school way and an excellent drive to it a short and sweet one, Falsedad is filled with all these heavy riffs and the bass really stands out here with a tasty lead thrown in, pure energy great stuff!

Oculto Plan is the track that if it doesn’t move you you must be dead as this is an absolute killer a definition of speed metal at its finest, the band takes it to another level here and continues on La Sentencia as here the vocals really shine as has some heavy crunchy riffs and the leads just smoke.

More of a slower pace on Siglos de Dolor in the beginning but then just fires up and in for the kill as this insanity comes in and were on an onslaught of pure aggression that totally annihilates the senses as we go to the closer Consumo Material which has all the elements that have been heard through out this release, these guys play tight and it shows here a smashing closer to this gem of a release.

This is probably the best speed metal release I have heard in years, a must have release and should be heard worldwide this is kick ass from start to finish.

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Devil’s Poison – Sacrifice (2020)

Devil’s Poison
Release date: December 25th, 2020
Label: Independent

So here we go I didn’t give these fuckers a review on their full release from this year just because I was to lazy to do it and I seen others praising the shit out of it so good for them.

So this single as the band calls it they release at the end of the year and hell yeah!

The fucking title track is what it should be a fucking master piece of pure insanity to Satan himself the track has what fuckers who like this kind of shit like, the track rips with a killer drive as it just grabs your sorry ass soul.

And the shit continues on Fire as they know and bring the goods as we “Are Sons Of The Devil” and this rips right into you like it should be, a no fuck a round track like these men set out to do.

And to close Blood, Semen, and Cocaine a anthem to end everything! Kill everybody as it is pure chaos as it should be! and the last words “Kill EVERYBODY” Yes!

Good shit for fuckers like me I love it!

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Sins of the Damned – Striking the Bell of Death (2019)

Sins of the Damned
Release date: May 5th 2019
Label: Shadow Kingdom Records

The first full length from these speed metalers from Santiago, I heard of the band’s previous releases and was looking forward on hearing this new full length as here we get some new tracks and only one old one that I’m familiar with out of the seven.

And was surprised that the title track was the intro and that’s what it basically is and a nice one that caught my ear as it has a more heavy metal feel to it but it goes directly into They Fall and Never Rise Again and here you get the sound the band has to offer, if you never heard the band they have a kinda euro feel and heavy dark vocals no wimp shit here and this one is about war as from what I hear in the lyrics and if you like that crunchy kinda picking it’s stands out on this track.

But for me when Take the Weapons comes on this even took this to a higher level as this track smokes in all it’s glory with the mighty yell of “Live Free or Die!” and just the all out attack on here I was stoked, has a great drive to it and it continues as The Lion and the Prey is just as powerful as the lyrics really add to the music as even the breakdown on the track has a nice flare at the end.

Then we come to this interesting track The Outcast (Sign of Cain) which has a strange intro but man does it have a lot to offer, I was so into this one as the drums really caught my ear as much as the vocals a really catchy number once you hear it. Victims of Hate is one of the shorter tracks on here and the guitar work on here is what you will notice the most which really stands out as it comes at you at full force through your speakers, made to be played loud!

So we come to the closer Death’s All Around You and this being the new version of this track you can really hear what good production can bring to a band as this sounds way better than the first version and yes this rips all the way to the end a great way to end this.

It took me a few listens to really get the feeling behind this as I only had an advance copy as it won’t be released til next month on Shadow Kingdom Records but once they do I’ll pick up a copy as hopefully it comes with the lyrics and they have shirts with this killer artwork as well and yes this is a killer release that you should hear and I recommend it.

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