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Soulrot – Victims of Spiritual Warfare (2020)

Release date: July 27th, 2020
Label: Memento Mori

Well its been awhile since I mentioned Soulrot on here but this new one caught my ear from the first listen, for those who never heard of them these guys play Death Metal.

This being the bands second full length, this one just has a different feel to it, the guitar tone the aggression, something good for sure as for being a three piece they sound very full with more power on here. If you like the old school Swedish sound this packs that punch as its all over this release.

The opening La doctrina de los malnacidos is short and the spoken message gets to the point as the music near the end lives up to it and then it breaks into Nihilistic Automata which is a storming track that gives the listener a taste of what is being offered here as the sound is crushing and it keeps ripping as the short and sweet Buried Alive will kill you.

And from the intense beginning things lighten up on I, Master as this is more deep and heavy at the start but then picks up with a vengeance as it storms with a no holes barred attitude its fucking sweet as hell and Perpetual Warfare is just the same way with the bass line opening and gets more driving as it gets deeper into the track.

God Forsaken is back to the crushing sound and I will say most of these tracks are short and to the point that’s why they kill and that goes for the next few as they all have the same attitude, I won’t go into every track on here but believe me this shit delivers.

As as the production here it couldn’t get any better as everything comes in crystal clear, the band sounds top notch on here is all I will say and yeah it gets better as it goes along, no need to go through all the tracks as this has what you need.

Will close saying a must and for me the best release from the band to date, this is some killer Death Metal all the ingredients for a killer album are here.

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