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Solipnosis – Poder Absoluto Individual (2022)

Release date: August 23rd, 2022
Label: Dissonant Death Records

A band I never focused on before but have given a listen to and it’s out of this world stuff they spew out and this demo shows 2 tracks that are coming on a new EP to be released.

Like on the first track on here Poder Absoluto Individual which has an opening that some will think “what the fuck is this”, but be patient as this goes off with some absolute pounding as you can hear the instruments taking a beating, it has it’s up and down moments but I ain’t complaining this is pretty brutal in it’s own way.

Divagaciones En Disminuida is a short instrumental piece just to fill inbetween tracks as we go into Permanencia De Memoria Inmediata which is the heavier of both tracks and this one has a life of its own, really fast paced and the production is great through the whole thing, a very haunting vibe to it, has a break in it that takes you to another place, the bass really shines on here and ends with a bashing.

Progressive Black/Speed Metal is what they are calling it and you could say that, something different for sure and all for the good, hoping the EP comes soon.