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Skullpture – Reborn in Decay (2019)

Release date: November 7th, 2019
Label: Ten-Cai Records, V.I.C Records, Narcoleptica Productions

Here is one from late last year I been wanting to get to, the second full length from this death metal band and they have gotten good praise from what I read so here is my take.

A very cool intro on here (Downfall, and opens up with Nine Circles of Hell which has this crunchy riff going on before it picks up and a more full force comes out of the band as it goes on with some tempo changes that give flare to the track with some killer leads put in made this opener interesting and the vocals are sick as well.

This next one Ritual Ancestral has more feeling as it comes with a lot of more punch to it with a mix of all out fast shit and then a breakdown that adds to the flare but just when I was getting into it it was over the shortest track on here, Hunting Humans, this one is more full force coming at you as the drums really are going off here and in typical death metal style this is one of the best tracks on here to me, just love the aggression on here as well.

Feast with the Death with a more dark doom riff starting this off I was wondering where this is going as the vocals come in as well, but then it goes off as you hear the pounding double bass killing it and a furious all out bashing that gets right to the point, a very strong number. Xenomorph, I love the opening riff on here catchy as hell which leads to a more interesting sounds on here, this is a heavy one with a killer instinct to and just has this great feel to it as so much is going on here one of the best tracks on here.

And we go on to Morbid Dreams and hell yeah this is a ripper as this one kills all the way through, this the one to crush skulls to, a pure all out pounding that gets those blood juices going, a definite highlight on this album. so we go to Human Slaughterhouse and you know what to expect as you hear the chainsaw in the opening and this track lives up to its name as you get a feeling of all the blood splattering all over, a tight number with true venom packed in it, as we near the end, The Rotten Tree caught me on how the drums on here sound like a machine gun as it drives this track from start to finish as its sick especially the vocals and the guitar sound on hear is something that needs to be heard and a good closer as Respite (Outro) is just what it is.

This should please anybody into death metal as it has a lot of variety in it, it took me a few listens to get what the band is trying to deliver here, it goes along very well with those other reviews I read and they weren’t lying, some interesting news I read about the band is that now they have a female vocalist and I heard what she sounds like and it should be a treat on the bands next release, so something to look forward to.

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