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Sign of Evil – Psychodelic Death (2022)

Sign of Evil
Release date: May 20th, 2022
Label: Edged Circle Productions

Hell, yes this is one I been waiting on the first full length from the one-man project from, Camilo Pierattini aka Witchfucker (Dekapited, Invocation Spells) and if you got into the demo from a couple of years ago this is even better as the production brings new life to the whole thing.

Bad Trip opens this up and a video was released awhile back so those who follow should know what to expect, but on to The Consequence of Your Actions and this being like a new one and the rest of the album as well as no tracks from the past are issued here but this one has great intensity the vocal effects add to the macabre sound that the band is known for, even the piano at the end should please the listener.

Psychodelic Death the title track is pretty hate filled as you can tell by the vocal content which stands out more than anything and then fades into Serpent Poison and with this heavy bass line at the start, this track will grab you its very catchy, only thing its short as near the end that piano as before comes in which I have no problem with as it goes directly into When the Day Arrives. this comes right at you full tilt pounding on the drums, heavy shit but ends quick as I noticed he likes to add some kind of intro to the next track coming up at this point. Anonymous is short and simple and as I noticed this has 13 tracks in full but they are all short so be prepared for the onslaught comes quick.

And that being almost a bit over the halfway point, I will say the rest still has the power that was felt in the beginning and even more chaotic at times as there are some chaotic riffs spewed all over this. and the title fits this well as you will be taken on a ride that will explode your mind.

A solid release from top to bottom definitely give this a listen.


Sign of Evil – Psychodelic Horror (2020)

Sign of Evil
Release date: February 2020
Label: Caligari Records/Edged Circle Productions

So here we have mastermind Camilo Pierattini aka Witchfucker (Invocation Spells,Dekapited,Speed Attack) and his solo project, I must admit as soon as he mentioned of this project I was wondering what more he could bring to the table as all his other bands simply shred.

So from Death Will Rise we get this dirty almost punky style bass intro but as soon as that part gets through the real element of what is going to be delivered here comes to light and nothing like his other bands as this has a life of its own, this first track is heavy as fuck with its own special taste so I was impressed with this, the rhythm guitar on here is just blazing!

Something to mention there is a lot of filler between tracks on here to give the demo that more powerful feel to it, so we go onto this next one Guilty, which keeps the aggression going and in good fashion as this has more of a feeling of what this whole project is about with what the title says and it’s very enjoyable from what I’m hearing to this point.Horror brings this home with this piano intro and then the guitar that has this evil wicked sound that is spread throughout this whole thing it’s strange sounding eerie as it should be and is something to hear as it sounds like something from what a horror flick would bring to the table and its short and sweet.Spilling Black Signs, of all the tracks to this point this one is really off the wall as the guitar is in its own world and as I listened it was like what the fuck is going on here but it gets heavier as it goes along but like most the tracks on here its very short but to the point and it continues on Force to Eternity as this really has a psychotic feel to it with a killer bass line to open then the madness comes in which is really excellent to be honest.

So the closer Death Crew is about as good as the whole demo as all the elements that were put into the previous tracks are here and this is something you should listen to as it has a bit of everything in it, I mean I came into it with an open mind and had to listen a few times and it’s worth a listen as I want to hear more as this very short but packs some good shit in it.

Horror (Official Video)

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