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Sick Violence – Hegemonía de la decadencia humana (2021)

Sick Violence
Release date: March 4th, 2021
Label: Tanatofobia Productions

After the cult classic debut “Metal Bitch” this long awaited follow up has been in the minds of metal maniacs for quite awhile now and what is different on here is the band instead of singing in English like last time now they have gone to Spanish and for the better as it adds more aggression you could say.

But from the start Desintegración is a sweet instrumental as you can hear the band is back with a vengeance, some really good head bashing material as it got me in the mood for the rest of this opus, En resistencia, here we get the first taste of the vocals and they did a great production cause this comes in crystal clear as well as all the instruments the fucking bass is smashing and the leads are on the mark a total destroyer of a track.

The opening of Insignificante a los ojos de la muerte has this real old school feel to it but my things get heavier as it goes on, the vocals are vicious on here and with different tempo changes this is another gem on here and it continues on Recalcitrante ilusión as this is a shredder right to the point, a crushing pace to fill your ass and you will hear as this has a vibe that will crush the weak a killer to the senses, top notch!

Hegemonía de la decadencia humana, the title track and yes it might be short but this adds to the glory that has been heard on here to this point straight forward then a midtempo part that kills and the lead that will cut you, fucking rips just the way I like it, good fucking shit! ha and right into Retrato de una muerte silenciosa, more ball busting madness this what extreme metal is all about this shit fucking kills! pure brutality to crush the weak, brilliant stuff!

Quimeras de libertad, the pounding continues on here as well as there is no letting up the guitar is on fire here this shit holds no grudges it simply ass kicking as it gets the way this track goes along is just so enticing to senses I was pretty floored by it and to the closer Transmutación, this being an instrumental that closes this masterpiece on a high note the band is heard straight on, with some really catchy hooks poured in this whole thing it left me ready for another dose.

Was the long wait worth it? Fuck yes! this is the topper of the year for me, I recommend this 100% a true classic, a must have in any collection.

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