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Sargatanas – Demo Tape MMXX (2020)

Release date: August 19th, 2020
Label: Independent

An interesting ritual by this raw Black Metal band which is just two members.

Three tracks of which are all connected as the titles show.

Part I. Amen dico vobis quia unus vestrum me traditurus est
Part II. Ignem veni mittere in terram et quid volo si accendatur
Part III. Non enim veni vocare iustos sed peccatores

As the female member actually just says the titles in spoken form before each track with her own flare to it and lays some more vocals in some parts.

The music is quite interesting as the keyboards at the beginning give it a haunting feeling before the guitar riffing comes in and the vocal yells expanded the feel of this and it goes on into the next part which this could of been better as the drum tracking here is a little bit to much as it drowned out what could of been better.

The last part was the best as it showed the potential of the band as this was more down to earth with a killer riff and here the drums sound better so will leave it at that.

This might not be for everybody but it left me wondering what will come next as this is just the beginning so will see.
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