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Sangre Negra – El Vuelo del Cóndor Negro (2021)

Sangre Negra
Release date: May 6th, 2021
Label: Independent

The first full length from this black metal horde, as previously this was a one man project now on this release he has added a vocalist.

With a short Intro to start this up we go straight into the title track El Vuelo del Cóndor Negro, and it comes out a blazing and the production caught my ear as well as its better than the demo and here you hear both these maniacs trading off on the vocal duties and it comes across well as the track has this driving force behind it through out it all, and we get the same on Oscuras Alturas de Negra Lucha and here the drums come roaring in, and this isn’t that blast beat most use this is more old school feeling with plenty of anger behind it, sounds a little fucked up at times but gives it that dirty sound that some like, not bad comes across well to this point.

Cayendo al Negro Abismo has this wicked sounding opening riff that just grabs you and it got better with the next tempo riff, it has this really insane feel to it, to this point this track hit me good and it goes right into Conquistador Conquistado and with a strong drum beat at the start this goes off right into oblivion as a strong vocal presence is felt through out the track and has a great vibe till the end as it fades out.

The longest track on here La Muerte es lo Único Eterno and a whole new feel on this one as a more slowed down pace but it figures as the title goes, and has this dark feel to it as it goes on with a crushing beat of death and it fits in well on this opus, but Katrala, is even more off the wall, this is really out there compared to what I heard to this point as it has a mind of its own so I won’t say anymore about this one as you have to hear it for yourself.

The last two tracks are covers the first being El Manifiesto (VJ cover), I’ll be honest I have no clue who they are covering on here but this is a pretty cool track as the intro part was interesting and then got more eviler as the vocals came in as this isn’t your all out brain basher but has some interesting tempo changes that added to the delight of it all, and to finish off Negra Locura (Ritual Oscuro cover) and this is the perfect closer as this has ties as one of the members was in this band and here we get an aggressive piece as this should end.

This is something only the listener could decide what to think, I heard some really good tracks on here that made it good enough to feature here, its black metal but not what most might think, but these days you really can’t put that label on a pin point sound as I heard so many these days. but a good effort worth a listen.

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