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Rotten Malefice – Rotten Malefice (2022)

Rotten Malefice
Release date: August 14th, 2022
Label: ThreeMetal Forces Distro

A release that I been waiting for quite awhile now for as their last demo Hoguera de cadáveres (2019) really left me wanting more.I will only review the new tracks on here as their first demo is also on here as a bonus.

And this first one En los Brazos de la Muerte is hard hitting death metal like you would expect heavy but it stops out of nowhere and sounds like its over but it comes back, I had to check the cd as I thought it might of skipped but no that is the way the band planned it, and its a short reprise that sounds like another track, strange but I can live with it.

The track Rotten Malefice gets us back on a more tradional sound with some whirlling riffage at the start the pace gets harder at one point but it calms down towards the end not bad, En el Nombre del Caos here things change as this is more aggressive from the pace it has some good pitches throughout the whole thing, this one is more out there than what was heard earlier, Hoguera de Cadáveres this even gets better but also has that stop part like on the first track but here the second part is some of the best shit on here.

Gritos here is the heavy hitter, this out to kill from the start fast paced chaos all the way through, one of the best on here, has this real catchy riff to it, and to close Combustión Espontanea and it starts with an acoustic guitar part but after that the band comes in and delivers a hell of a compostion and it breaks down toward the end but it is strong the way it ends.

This one is one of those you get more out of it with each listen, not a bad release, just more death metal for the vein.


Rotten Malefice – Hoguera de Cadáveres (2019)

Rotten Malefice
Release date: April 18th, 2019
Label: Independent

This band has been around for a few years releasing their own style of Death Metal and this is the first time I ever featured them on here, this new demo consist of two studio tracks and three live.

Hoguera de Cadaveres opens this up and its catchy as hell with these crunchy riffs and the vocals are excellent as this whole thing is sung in spanish and the way they come off is perfect but you gotta hear the leads on here they took this track right to the top and even the next one Ciegos en la fe is just as good pure anti christianity tracks but the music is just crushing with an awesome production to boot.

The live tracks are good for filler as they were recorded on a single deck I take as you can hear the crowd in the background but you can make out what is going on and maybe will hear studio versions in the future but these two studio tracks are just mind blowing they got better with each listen.

Inclosing I read on their facebook page that they have a full length to be coming out this year but it must of been put on hold because it was posted back in late July and nothing has been mentioned after that except this demo so will see what happens.

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