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Resilient – The Art of Resilience (2021)

Release date: October 31st, 2021
Label: Diabolical Summoning Records

Well after the single released earlier this year, the awaited EP is finally here and after all the promotion the band has put into this, was it worth it? read and find out.

Intro (Origin) is a nice acoustic guitar piece that gives flare to what is about to come and The Dark Room is just a heavy pounding riffage at the start then it gets even better, that old school death metal vibe is written all over this, great tone on the guitars and blazing leads that just shred, this kills so get ready!

Vomiting Blood, holy fuck! the beginning is hypnotic as you hear the bass going off then total assault as the chorus comes in it slows down a bit but gets heavier as it goes with some tasty leads offered here and for good a lot of tempo changes that fill this track some good shit here.

Black Clouds, the old favorite is next and you should know what to expect as this is a killer track from start to finish, as we go into Interlude (Clímax) which is basically a bass guitar instrumental but fits in well on this recording, as we close out with Searching for Balance and with some heavy pounding riffage this has a great feel to it, lots of tempo changes with all high caliber feel and the spoken part adds to the track but it really takes off near the end as some neck cracking leads come in and then comes to a grateful close.

Yes, the wait was worth it! a solid EP all the way through, if you like it old school then you really need to hear this as it will give you a fill no doubt.

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Resilient – Black Clouds (single 2021)

Release date: June 20th, 2021
Label: Independent

New Death Metal band that just put this preview track out, and this one track is worth a listen its pretty old school as I can hear, so something to look forward as an EP should be coming out real soon.

Some great lead work done on here by Matías Quiroz of Bleak Flesh, so check out their Facebook page as they have shirts for sale as well.

Official Band Bio

Resilient is originally from Santiago de Chile, formed by Abel Méndez (Voice, guitar, bass, midi drums). Preserving the old-school death metal style, on this occasion the guitarist of the technical death metal band BLEAK FLESH Mr. Matías Quiroz appears as a brand-new guest, being in charge of the solos in the new RESILIENT material. In March the recordings of his first musical work began; “The Art Of Resilience” will be the name of this debut Ep which will premiere in mid-August. In this context the band has just released their first single as a preview of what’s to come, “BLACK CLOUDS” and the band’s Death Metal sound has already been seen in various parts of the world such as the United States and Mexico, where the Ep en tape by STUMP GRINDER RECORDS (usa) and ARCADA DISTRO (mex), In Chile, the person in charge of the edition of CDs and T-shirts is DIABOLICAL SUMMONING RECORDS. The band is in talks with more labels around the world and will be reporting the news through their networks. “BLACK CLOUDS” is the new from RESILIENT and everyone is invited to listen on YouTube and Bandcamp (soon on all digital platforms).

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