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Repulsive Corruption – Heretical Descomposition (2022)

Repulsive Corruption
Release date: Sep 3, 2022
Label: Independen

Not much is known about this death/thrash band, I know they formed in 2017 but never released anything until this EP, and it storms, only four tracks on here.

Forced Prayer this opener pretty much sets the pace on what we are going to get here, fast aggressive riffage with some power packed vocals and ripping leads to boot. an excellent opener as it goes into Dead Time with a more crunch at the start but after the kill begins, this is heavy in its own glory, all into extreme metal will enjoy this.

And no letting up on Land of the Dead as with a more pounding vibe to it but goes off near the end, not bad just another side of the band, and to close The Form of Paranoia which goes off from the beginning and the vocals get the work here, a good closer to this debut.

As far as I’m concerned this band has all the elements down to a pack, well written tracks that should take them to higher ground.