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Repugnatory – Eterna Abominación (2022)

Release date: August 27th, 2022
Label: Independent

One of the more consistent bands on the scene, these guys put out albums right after the other this being the fourth and one of their best yet.

Ritual opens it up and this goes straight for the blasphemy that will be covered here, if you know this band by now you will hear that they use that same formula they been using on their music previously but here it sounds better the production is excellent! this track kills.

As Supremacía infernal sounding like a crusher from start this rides along with verocious power, its pure evil as it goes, the band is going off here. Viendo el cielo caer, have to love the titles on these and this is just right, the track has a great flow to it and leaving me with a vicious grin on me to this point. Dios muerto a little different than previous but gets better as it goes, the ending parts are really good, La voz de los espíritu is just an instrumental as filler as we get back to business on Conteplaras el horror a good driving track that fits in well on this release but it gets heavier on Espanto del más allá which is quite short but delivers the punch.

The title track to close and wouldn’t want it any other way as everybody is going off here as this is the longest track and everybody is taking a shot and a strange quick ending.

This has got to be my fvorite release by the band so far, as it’s well put together, all the tracks are composed right, just hoping sor a physicl copy in the future.


Repugnatory – Alma Impura (2022)

Release date: March 15th, 2022
Label: Narcoleptica Productions/MCDT Company

This band needs no introduction as they been around spewing their black/thrash for a while now with 3 full lengths to their credit, this is the latest EP they released to the masses.

The Intro has a haunting feeling that leads to Nada Sagrado Quedará, and this comes off as a solid number, the vocals are as good as you can get them for this type of metal, sung in Spanish they come out better which gave me hope on what was to come, Ahogado En Tu Tormento with a title like that I expected a crusher as it opens with a strong riff but it changed a bit later but if you listen closely to it, it keeps repeating itself and it just got kinds boring but the lead they put in it saved it to be honest.

Alma Impura things get a bit better on here as the band are belting the hell out here this is more like it, as Visión De Muerte, closes this out with a great punch, it took me a couple of listens to this to finally get it, Outro (Estás En El Infierno) closes it out an acoustic piece that puts a good end to it.

Not a bad release and glad to have it in my collection and the band keeps the flame lit which is what matters.


Repugnatory – Artillería Anticristiana (2020)

Release date: January 25th, 2020
Label: Independent

At last I get to Repugnatory,Black Thrash from Santiago, and it seems the band has finally hit the right spot, the reason I say this is because this is the second full release and the first one just didn’t have the punch this one has.

As we get into this slab it has a cool guitar intro that goes right into Pierden su Escencia, which is vicious as hell, the demonic vocals here are just right and the production is such a blessing as the band sounds so much stronger here, the leads simply rule.

That was missing from the previous release but here it all comes to full glory and the line up change ads to it no doubt. And I will say these guys sing in the native language but like I always say fuck it!

Comienza el reino del macho cabrío, well fuck this just melted me as there is no fucking off here, you want shit to bang your head to this has it all, the drumming is an all out assault on the mind, fucking excellent!

Maligno culto a la muerte slows things down, well not really as this has a different feel but packs all the goods as the leads fool with your brain some very interesting structure to this track, but if you want a break Arrastrando al infierno should be the one to give you ease but an easy one as this has a lot of punch to it so be prepared.

Licor de demonios, has a whole different tempo feel to it as there is more of a message in here as the vocals really stand out and a really high German feel to it, it has a drive to it no doubt but a whole different feel from the previous.

We go onto a short instrumental Abi Gululu and then right into Devoradores de voluntad which gets us back into the neck breaking as this track has a some different tempo changes but they have that right punch that hits the spot, it really gets heavy near the end.

And with a title like Han llegado los malditos, what could you expect, this pretty much sums it up, the lyrics here are just what I needed and the band knows what the hell they are delivering here, the message is well delivered here as we go into the closer and title track and it simply goes right back to what the band is out to do and that is to kick your ass and they do a brilliant job on here.

Repugnatory has hit the spot for me they sound better than ever on this release, the only down fall is that their material is hard to get at this time, but the good news is they already have a new one coming out and from what I heard its just as good as this release.

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