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Putrefactio – Sigética (2022)

Release date: February 2022
Label: Ruined Pig Records

This Black Metal horde made some ears turn a few years ago with their Sizigia EP and now a couple of years since then we get this second EP from them.

Only two tracks but they are blizttering with a powerful might as the opener Acausal relámpago, this has a great vibe when it comes to the riffage but when the vocals come in this explodes as you get high and low ones through this and some great fast parts as well but it takes a turn when it slows down but really doesn’t matter as the band makes it all go down good, great track!

Anatemismo, with a mystical guitar intro that gives it a twist but then it burst out to the senses, and they break it down again but not to fear this is fucking good, these guys write some great lyrics that take you to another mind set, so I give them credit for that.

I think it’s time they give us a full length as this has all the goods you could want, both tracks are killer!