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Kizin – Existentialism, the Sense of Human Essence (2021)

Release date: July 17th, 2021
Label: Independent

Kizin is back with their second full length of Progressive Death Metal and now the band is just a one man project and this should satisfy your taste if the first one left you wanting for more.

Immersed Through the Light-Dark Path opens this up and its a lengthy track and what I noticed is the production has gotten better than the last, this is a pretty up beat track lots of hooks spread throughout the whole thing the sound of the band hasn’t changed, the break that comes in halfway adds to the flare of the whole thing, a solid opener to this.

This next one Advent really caught my ear after the first verse is sung this really catching vibe comes through that will catch you then it takes its own form as all the tracks on here do as they all have a life of their own as there are only six but all lengthy and this whole thing runs over an hour, but this track stands out just because its interesting as hell, the keyboards really add to the pleasure of it.

More keyboard influence on Thrown of Fate at the start but then it picks up with a harder drive but you can hear this one has a lot of feeling to it as the music goes with the lyrics, In the Front of the Monolith, a bit different what I heard so far, more of a cosmic feel here as this really shows the prog side of things at first then later on the pace gets bit faster but might not be for everybody as this is the shortest track on here but seemed the longest to my ear.

Transcendence and the Selfhood comes in with this crunchy riffage but gets even better after a break and then lots of interesting fills a really solid track with a ripping lead that sores in here, one of the more catchier tracks on here, the ending is really killer. the closer the title track Existentialism, The Sense of Human Essence has this galloping feel to it at the start but then has a new life later, a lot of character is the only way I can put it.

A interesting release that you need to here, contact the band for more info.

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Kizin – Abstraction (2018)

Release date: July 17th, 2018
Label: Independent

Well I finally got around to reviewing this, as a few readers have sent me messages to look into this band and believe me I should of gotten around to it earlier as this is a superb release from last year.

So if you never heard of them they are a progressive death metal band and a excellent one! if you like later Pestilence this might be your cup of tea.

But to the album the first track Crystal Palace really gets things rolling as this is pretty much a heavy track that just sets the mood of this trip this album will take you on and a whole new approach as the lyrics are based on Existentialism which brings a new flavor to things, it continues on The Exanimate and the Movement and the leads on here are a delight to the ears.

Things change a bit on Dreaming Beyond the Darkness, this one a bit more on the prog side of things but still a good one as the lyrics really go well here.Introspection takes us on to another phase as it’s a instrumental with a deep feeling to it then we get back into it as Awakening from Deep has a pounding drive to it and the way it’s composed really shines as it has some great moments here especially near the end as it just takes you away.Enfleshed Vitality is probably one of my favorite tracks on here as it has so many breaks that it kept me focused on what was going on has a lot of feeling to it.The Voice of Silence is a long opus that you will have to hear as there is a bit of everything in it, as this is a long album that runs over an hour I listened to the rest and it’s a solid release if your into this kind of stuff.

Abstraction, the title and final track is a superb gem to close this out, I would tell you to give it a listen and have an open mind as this could be huge if only the world would know who they are, since this was released it has been put on tape and cd so if you want a physical copy check the band’s Facebook page.

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