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Poltergeist – Proclamacion (2022)

Release date: March 8th, 2022
Label: Independent

This Black/Speed Metal trio has been on a roll this year as they even got a DVD out as well, but this is on their latest EP from the studio.

Five tracks of blistering metal as the opener Mefisto shows, rapid fire speed comes straight forward with some lead that grabs you and an instrumental as well that leads us into Expulsión de la santidad, and here we get a taste of the vocals, and they are just right, but it gets better as the lyrics are up there and fit the character of the track perfectly and some tasty guitar licks as well.

Velocidad sobre el altar, a bit different on the pace here but the lyrics are what is best here, like a flaming spear through the false ones out there, the only track off here that didn’t make on the DVD and the reason probably shows compared to their other material.

Persecución maligna gets us back into their heavier paced attack and this up there with what we had before with a slight tempo change even adds more to the track but it stays at this pace till the end, not bad. As we close out with
Witch Hunt (Onslaught cover) which being a fan of those early Onslaught records, this cover is faster and its a hit or miss to be honest cause for me the original will never be topped.

This is good stuff and wait to hear what is in the future for from them, so check it out.