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Phantasmagore – Insurrection or Submission (2021)

Release date: March 29th, 2021
Label: Independent

Well were do I even start, been wanting to feature this band and what a hell of a release this is as it pretty much floored me as it has this Dead Infection (POL) feel to it and with that you can’t go wrong in my book.

Overwhelming Recognition, the first of the five tracks on here sets the mood on the ass kicking you will get here this is a sheer bone crushing head splitting piece with a superb production that packs a might, an awesome opener to this and you just got to love the opening of Drips Echoes Through the Chasm, slow and brutal with this great tone on the guitar and it picks up might as it goes, strong as fuck as it will crush you even more as it goes on, great bass solo in here and then it rips you apart, excellent stuff.

Will say the vocals on here are just right, sick and grotesque that will please anybody into this, as we go onto Deadly, and the title fits well as this is an instrumental but the fucker rips and catchy as hell another winner on here and the goods continue on Insurrection or Submission, this has its own feel and still really catchy with different tempos thrown through out the composition it will grab you as well.

To the closer Post Mortem Mutilation, more of the goods delivered here as well, the drums to me really stood out here as they are being bashed to hell, the track breaks down for a second and then this killer lead comes in then it ends in full glory.

All I can say this release should take this band to the next level and hopefully some label picks this up and gives it a physical release, one of the best of the year so far.

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