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Pestivomous – Second Death (2021)

Release date: May 31st, 2021
Label: Penitenziagite Records

Good to hear this Black Metal horde back with some new material, as the first demo was a favorite of many, so we waited a few years to get this new demo, and like the first this is a rehearsal as well.

Only three tracks but what is featured on here is more than a full on onslaught, the band is out to kill this is raw and dirty as good as it gets. Ignition Sword the opener is just what you want if this the fix you need with the haunting screeching vocals that tear it up, this pounds like a storm from hell even with a short break this fucking rules!

And right into Mephitic Word and even more chaos as this goes into a manic rage from the first key then has all these great vibes spewed all over it, its relentless as hell then immediately dives into Mortus Natus Est and this puts this release up there as one of the best as full impact is the only way to put it some killer tempo changes that keep interesting but the mayhem is all there in its glorious form, a killer demo.

Well this is right up my alley and this being an advance who knows if we get a full length in the near future since everything the band has put out to this point simply rules, highly recommended slab of crushing metal.